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Scotch Porter Beard Review – Checkout Outstanding Facts About These Beard Grooming Products

It is the great aspirations of men today to grow a fuller beard and join the high profile gang of the men with beards. But there are some important factors that are essential to take into notice to get fit into the gang. We take good care of our hairs on the head but ignore the facial hairs. The beard hairs need the same amount of time, love and care as given to the hairs on heads. Your beard also needs regular care such as trimming, moisturizing, conditioning and lubrication. Therefore I have the honor to present you Scotch Porter Beard Review. An amazing beard care product kit that includes various products to grow, rejuvenate and personal care of your beard.

About Scotch Porter Brand

scotch porter beard

According to remark mentioned on the official website, Scotch Porter is not just a brand rather it is a call to action for complete grooming of the men. The owner of the company, Calvin Quallis, sacrificed his comfortable job to succeed his dream of producing an ultimate grooming product line for males. Scotch Porter has a wide range of men grooming products to give a stylish look to every man.

Scotch Porter is a complete grooming solution brand for men of modern days who are willing to look great. As we all know that our first impression is the last impression and a perfectly groomed man are recognized, appreciated and praised. Even women like men who are well groomed from head to toe.

From dressing sense to your accessories, from your hairstyle to your activity, everything comes in grooming. Scotch Porter is a brand that gives you wide range of grooming products for your needs. Products include beard care products, hair care products, skin care products and shaving products, everything that you need in your daily grooming session.

Scotch Porter Beard Grooming Products

scotch porter beard products

This Scotch Porter Beard Review is all about exploring a range of beard grooming products offered by this outstanding brand. The brand has a variety of beard care products such as beard smoothing oil, beard growth oil, beard balm, beard conditioner, beard cream, and beard wash. All these products make a complete beard grooming package for men to grow and nourish their facial hair. So, let’s start exploring these products.

Scotch Porter Beard Wash

scotch porter beard wash

Till now men used to wash their beard with soap while taking bath because of a threat that beard growth products might harm their skin. But with Scotch Porter Beard Wash, men are gaining the confidence of using it for cleaning their beard. It is a moisturizing and sulfate free wash that cleanses your beard and give it a shiny look and softer in touch. The beard wash can use on a regular basis as it is formulated with all natural ingredients and is safe from any side effects.

Ingredients – Botanical Infusion of (Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Rosemary leaf, Burdock Root, Neem leaf and Chamomile Flower), Sodium Olefin Sulfonate (coconut oil), Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate (natural amino acid), Argan Oil, Decyl Glucoside, Cocoamidoproyl Betaine, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Butyrospermum Parkii, Stearamide AMP, Coconut Oil, Leaf Juice, Aloe Barbadensis, Sucrose Cocoate, Aleurites Moluccana Oil, Cocamidopropylamine Oxide, Citric Acid, Agave Nectar, Polyquaternium 10, Silk Amino Acids, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Panthenol (Vitamin B-5) and Caprylyl Glycol

Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner

scotch porter beard conditioner

I found it as the best beard conditioner on the market and there are various reasons for this. What can make you love this product is the sweet aromatic smell that enters your nose when you open the bottle. The product is a perfect blend of natural ingredients that are a great infusion of various herbs like marshmallow root, shea butter, chamomile flowers and jojoba oil. The conditioner is to be used thoroughly after the beard wash for the great results.

Ingredients – Botanical Infusion of (Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Rosemary Leaf, Burdock Root, Neem leaf and Chamomile Flower) and aloe vera juice

Scotch Porter Beard Balm

scotch porter beard balm

Beard balm is a third of the combo of four beard care products. It is one of the best beard balms in the market that is formulated with all natural ingredients same that are used in beard wash and conditioner. Also known as beard cream, is a light beard balm that works effectively even used in low quantity. With just a fingertip application of this beard, balm gives your beard a silky, soft and dark look. Many users reported that this beard balm is much better than any other beard growth products as it stimulates the beard growth and makes it thick within the one week of use.

Ingredients – Botanical Infusion of (Slippery Elm Bark, Marshmallow Root, Rosemary Leaf, Burdock Root, Neem leaf and Chamomile Flower), Aloe Vera Juice, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Butyrospermum Parkii, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Sesame Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, Castor Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Emulsifying Wax, Agave Nectar, Stearic Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Silk Protein, Caprylyl Glycol and Panthenol.

Scotch Porter Beard Serum

scotch porter beard serum

It is the fourth and the last product in the beard grooming product line. Once you have used beard balm to enhance the growth and styling, beard serum comes into play. There are lots of beard oil on the market but what makes it best beard growth oil is its density. Unlike other beard oil, scotch porter beard oil is thick and dense that makes it easy to apply all over the beard. It not only increases the beard growth but also reduces the frizzy hairs. Talking about the smell, it seems like soap. Though it doesn’t smell similar to orange or forest but overall the smell is quite aromatic.

Ingredients – Squalene, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Silica, Corn Starch, Canola Oil, Sebacic Acid Copolymer, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Kukui Nut Oil, and Styrene Copolymer.

Scotch Porter Beard Kits

The company offers special combo collections of the beard grooming products of various size and range. This beard kit gives complete beard care at a reasonable price. Let’s evaluate them all.

Scotch Porter Beard Collection

scotch porter beard collection

This beard grooming kit is a standard combo of all the four beard care products that include beard wash, beard conditioner, beard balm and beard serum. The company has priced the standard combo for $69.99.

Scotch Porter Travel Sized Beard Collection

Scotch Porter Travel Sized Beard Collection

It is a beard grooming kit specially designed to carry while traveling. The combo includes all the four beard care products same as standard collection combo just the difference is of quantity. The packaging is in small bottles for travel purpose. The cost for this travel-sized beard collection is $38.00.

Scotch Porter Ultimate Beard Collection

Scotch Porter Ultimate Beard Collection

This beard care products kit is really an ultimate combo as it includes two additional products. Along with beard wash, beard conditioner, beard balm and beard serum, the combo also includes Boar’s Hair Brush and Kent Mustache Comb. The price marked by the company for this ultimate combo is $94.99.

Scotch Porter Delux Collection

scotch porter beard kit

This combo package is really a deluxe collection because of products included and the price marked for sale. I will not call it a beard care collection because it is more than that. The combo includes beard wash, beard conditioner, beard balm and beard serum along with Scotch Porter Face Wash, Scotch Porter Face Scrub and Scotch Porter Face Lotion. It is really a money saver combo as the collection of seven grooming products costs just $99.99.

Who Should Use Scotch Porter Beard Products?

beard growth products

Though each and every man can use these beard care products but still there are some factors that you must consider before using it.

  • This product is not female who think it can work on growing head hairs
  • These products are not for teenagers or men below the age of 18
  • If any man is having sensitive skin than he should avoid using Scotch Porter beard products as it may cause itching and irritation

Along with precautions there are couple of measures to follow to generate prominent results

  • It is important to clean your beard on regular basis to avoid particles getting accumulated and slowing down the performance
  • Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water daily to hydrate your body and skin, this will increase the efficiency of the product.

Scotch Porter Beard Products Pros & Cons


  • The product line includes from beard growth to beard care
  • Manufactured by a well recognized and renowned male grooming brand
  • One of its kind brand that has all beard grooming products
  • The ingredients are all natural and safe
  • There are no reported side effects


  • Quite expensive compared to quantity offered
  • Not for males below 18 years of age

Common FAQs

Q – What can I expect from Scotch Porter beard products?

A – The brand not only offers the beard growth product rather it has a wide range of bread grooming products such as beard wash, beard conditioner, beard serum and beard balm.

Q – How to make your beard soft with Scotch Porter?

A – Beard conditioner and beard balm are the products that help you make your beard hair softer.

Q – Are the ingredients natural and safe?

A – Yes, as per the company’s claim, the ingredients used are all natural and 100% safe.

Q – I have a problem growing my facial hair, will it work for me?

A – Yes, as I mentioned above, the collection ranges from facial hair growth products to complete beard care kit.

Q – Can I buy this product from nearby stores?

A – Not probably because the company offers the sale of their product only through online stores.

Q – When could I see results?

A – The noticeable results could be seen within the first week of use and for prominent results, you need to wait for 2-3 months.

Where To Buy

beard care kit

Scotch Porter is a big man grooming brand and therefore they have their own sales portal. Though the products are also available for sale on various other online markets but it is better to buy it from the official website. It is so because purchasing from online stores gives an assurance that you are getting the genuine Scotch Porter products. Buying from official website also makes you valid for claiming money back guarantee.

My Final Though On Scotch Porter Beard Product Review

There is no doubt the Scotch Porter is one of the biggest and renowned brands in male grooming market. The products offered by the company are also of high quality. When you visit the official website, you find products for all your grooming needs, that’s the best thing about the brand that I didn’t find with any other brand.

Talking about beard collections, all the four beard products are best among all and you get the product for beard growth, beard rejuvenation, and beard overall care. Though the price is quite high when considering the single product but when you opt for combos, you save a huge amount. Overall I would say that I found this brand as the best solution for male grooming.

beard grooming products

Beard Growth Spray Review – Facts That Will Make You Think Twice Before You Buy Any Other Beard Product

Wearing a trendy beard not only makes a man look stylish and hot rather it also shows his masculinity. No matter what is your beard style, whether its well-groomed goatee or a sexy stubble or a full beard, it will in any form add a character to your face. This Beard Growth Spray Review is all about exploring the facts about this beard thickener spray, do beard supplements work and providing you an honest review.

What Is Beard Growth Spray?

beard growth spray review

Beard Growth Spray is a natural facial hair growth product that is specially formulated for promoting beard growth. This beard thickening spray stimulates the growth of facial hair in the areas where either the hair doesn’t exist or they are noticeably thinner. Men suffering from the similar condition are the ideal candidate to use this beard spray to target beard growth.

There are some men who desire to have full face dense beards but fail to grow because of splotchy looking areas. This beard hair spray increases the beard growth naturally in those patchy areas to get the full-faced appearance to their beard.

Many men fail to grow a beard because their facial hair follicles are dormant. Beard Growth Spray is claimed to provide required nutrients to your hair follicles to stimulate the beard development and provide you desired facial appearance.

Beard Growth Spray Ingredients

how to grow a nice beard

This facial hair growing spray is promoted as a scientifically engineered beards growth product that is formulated with all natural ingredients to promote beard growth through providing vital nutrients to hair follicles. These active ingredients are as followed –

Sulfur – It is very vital and essential nutrient that is recognized for promoting facial hair growth.

Potassium – This nutrient is responsible for the production of DHT. DHT is a hormone that stimulates the growth of facial hairs in the male.

Calcium – Though this ingredient does not support hair growth in any condition but it is included in this formulation due to its ability to prevent hair loss.

Magnesium – This nutrient is responsible for the regulation of DHT and testosterone hormones for beard growth.

Zinc – Zinc is an essential mineral for boosting the speed of hair development by increasing production of thyroid hormones for beard growth.

Vitamin A – Another nutrient responsible for the promotion of hormones for beard growth.

Vitamin B – This nutrient stimulates the keratin production for sebum and hair to enhance beard growth.

Vitamin C – It protects the hair follicles, DHT, and testosterone from getting affected by cortisol.

Other ingredients include – Angelica Root, Saw Palmetto, Polugonum Multiflorum and Tea Tree Oil.

When Will I See Outcomes?

does beard growth spray work

It really does depend upon the spray itself. Depending on the ingredients utilized in the beard development spray, plus the amount of each ingredient that is utilized, you may see results in as low as 2 weeks.

Typically speaking, any and all beard growth spray and spray on facial hair formulas will take around 4– 6 weeks for you to see the impacts.

The effectiveness of the spray in concern will likewise be integrated with your own lifestyle due to the fact that things like exercise and your diet can likewise have a quite big effect on the way where your beard grows.

Will Beard Growth Spray Irritate My Skin?

beard growth products that work

Some might irritate your skin, but those are just the ones which consist of severe chemicals. Chemical and toxin-laden beard growth sprays can trigger irritation, dryness, flakes, rashes, irritation, and may actually totally ruin your hair roots, all things which are of course unfavorable.

On the flipside, an all-natural and natural beard growth spray must not irritate your skin in any method. Of course, if you have a specific allergy towards a private plant or herb it might cause inflammation, but the obvious solution to that is to select a natural spray on facial hair formula that does not contain the active ingredient which you are allergic to.

The Pros

  • It is formulated with all natural ingredients that are proven to deliver positive results
  • The hair growth spray can be used even on the most sensitive skins
  • The use of this spray is very easy as you just need to spray it on your skin where you want to stimulate the development of facial hair
  • It attacks the causes of the improper beard growth
  • The formulation is duly approved by FDA
  • Being a natural facial hair growth supplement, it does not possess any side effects

The Cons

  • One major drawback for this product is its formulation in spray form that can cause irritation in eyes and nose while spraying
  • If someone is allergic to spray products like deodorant and perfumes, it is not meant for them
  • For some men who hate aftershave, it can cause similar effects of icy burn

Who Can Use Bread Growth Spray?

beard growth day by day

  • If any men have problem with the improper and uneven growth of facial hair then this spray is meant for them. It helps to stimulate the hair growth in those facial areas where hair follicles are inactive.
  • If any men are having sensitive skin and they are allergic to other beard thickener products that contain active ingredients then this beard hair spray is for them as it contains natural ingredients that are non-toxic and side effects proof.
  • If you are men with a clean facial look or unnoticeable facial hairs and are willing to grow fuller and dense beard then Beard Growth Spray can help you grow that long and fuller beard within few weeks.

What Do You need In Support?

how to boost beard growth

Every supplement needs some supportive products to enhance the efficiency and delivery of results. Same is the condition with Beard Growth Spray. It doesn’t mean that it will not work without any supportive supplements but it is recommended to use to enhance the results.

Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements – Though this spray also contains some vital vitamins in its ingredient list but consuming vitamin pills in support will increase the efficiency from inside your body.

Lipogaine for Men – The main threat is to losing hairs after normal growth as we age. Therefore while applying spray for facial hair growth, it is also important to add lipogaine that prevents hair loss.

Common FAQs

Q – Is Beard Growth Spray 100% natural?

A – As per the ingredient list displayed at the official website, the product is found to be 100% natural. The ingredients listed are all natural in first look excluding any hidden ingredient added.

Q – Does Beard Growth Spray Work?

A – Though there are not enough evidence of its popularity and due to lack of enough testimonials, it is hard to say that it really works. In this case, we can only rely on manufacturer’s claim.

Q – Is this beard hair spray safe to use?

A – Being formulated with all natural ingredients, it can easily be said that the product is safe to use and it does not include any toxic or artificial elements.

Q – Will it work if I have sensitive skin?

A – Company straightforwardly claims that the product is very much effective even on sensitive skins. Even the ingredients used do not include any harmful elements that can affect your skin.

Q – How quickly will results be seen?

A – According to company’s claim, the noticeable results will be seen within 30 days of proper use and desired results of fuller beard will take 3-4 months.

Q – Will the result be permanent?

A – Well, it is genuine to ask but the Beard Growth Spray works from inside your facial skin by stimulating the hair follicles. This will induce natural hair growth on your face and therefore the hair growth will remain static even after your shave.

Q – Does shaving helps to grow the beard faster?

A – It is common myth penetrating worldwide that shaving stimulates the beard growth. If it was the condition then there would not be huge demand for beard thickening products. Shaving will never make your beard grow faster.

Where To Buy Beard Growth Spray?

do spray vitamins work

Once you found this product genuine for your beard growth condition, next is obvious to ask about where to buy. Well, you cannot find this product on your nearby or local stores. The product is available for sale only on the official website. It is better to buy it from the official website because then you are guaranteed that your are delivered original product.

My Final Verdict On Beard Growth Spray Review

I have read numerous review websites, though there were not enough I found. The product is not too popular in the market but still, it manages to make its place in top 10 beard grooming product list. There are not enough customer testimonials that create a negative impression of the product. Though on the available resources I can say that Bread Growth Spray seems to be an effective product and if you are not comfortable with pills for beard growth then this spray can be a perfect solution for you.

beard growth spray

Complete Review Of Beard Czar: Know Everything About This Supplement

It is not a funny thing when your circle of friends keeps making fun of your beardless face and calling you ‘lady-face’ for the fun of it. Ever since I hit adolescence stage, I have never had any facial hair until now when I am 31 years old.

I knew it was time for a change when my girlfriend complimented a friend of mine about his beards saying that they made him look more handsome. I did not sleep that night researching on my computer about how to make your beard grow faster. I got a lot of answers and decided to go for home remedies for natural ways to grow the beard, but nothing worked. When I was about to give up, my girlfriend gave me Beard Czar supplement. Initially, I was not sure that do beard supplements work. Then I studied all Beard Czar Reviews on youtube and on websites I could get, and then I started to use it. After a short while, I started seeing results as it started stimulating facial hair growth. I have never been happier in my life. Right now I have full, thick, and healthy beards that I am so proud of.

What Is Beard Czar?

what is beard czar Beard Czar is a renowned company that sells the Beard Czar beard formula which is a premium quality nutrition supplement. This supplement is aimed at giving every man exquisite beard growth and how to maintain a beard. This beard enhancer is made from natural ingredients, and many men use it because of its extravagant advantages that leave one’s beards healthier, stronger, moisturized, nourished, and fuller.

It is because of all the benefits that you can find everyone writing the Beard Czar reviews to praise it because it is a miracle the men population has been waiting for. For a very long time, men have wanted a dependable and trustworthy beard pills or supplement to help them grow healthier beards whether a mustache, goatee, sideburns and others. Finally, Beard Czar was introduced to the market, and it fulfilled bearded men’s dream giving them a daily supply of 50% vitamin A and 100% of the rest of the vitamins available.

It is a very safe because of natural ingredients, and it is a result-oriented product that triggers massive hair growth after a few uses by stimulating one’s hair follicles as well as nourishing the hair. 

Does Beard Czar Work?

does beard czar really work

There is only one reason as to why many people spend hours on the internet researching on Beard Czar and reading all Beard Czar Reviews they can get their hands on. This is to find out whether or not this combo of beard growing pills and cream really works. The truth is that this facial hair complex works and it is actually one of those products to help grow a beard.

I have confidence in my statement because I am a witness of its effectiveness. Ever since I started taking these supplements, I have never had any regrets because I see the results that are promised.  Other than that, my word has been backed up by many other bearded men in their Beard Czar reviews all over the internet.

Another reason that supports my claim is the fact that its naturally occurring components and biotin for beard growth work together to ensure that results are attained. Various components help in stimulating your hair follicles, keep your dermal matrix well nourished, and hydrate the beard area so that the beards are of the best quality with the best texture.

These are all reasons to convince you of its effectiveness. Some Beard Czar reviews also have the writer’s images as proof and Beard Czar before and after pics, and they can boldly authenticate the claim that it is the best beard pills, cream, and oil combo.

My Personal Experience With Beard Czar

the beard czar reviews

As I had said earlier, I endured years and years of hurtful jokes and name calling from my friends that I got to a point where my self-esteem was on the rocks. Being surrounded by friends with all kinds of beards ranging from van dyke beards, goatee, gunslinger beard and mustache to sideburns and circle beards was not easy

When my girlfriend bought me this Beard Czar facial hair complex, it became the best thing she ever did for me. After reading all Beard Czar Reviews I could find to get a better understanding of what the supplement was all about, I started using it. The ingredients used were my biggest motivators. It only took me five weeks to start seeing the effects of this supplement. Right now I have a healthy short boxed beard that my girlfriend loves. I feel manlier, and my self-esteem is back.  It has been six months, and everything is running smoothly. I have never had any reactions or unpleasant results

I still use the supplement to ensure that they are well nourished, ticker, fuller, shinier, and moisturized. This supplement has surpassed my expectations. My journey has been excellent, and it keeps getting better. 

Why You Should Buy Beard Czar

beard czar results

There are so many reasons as to why this facial hair complex is popular among bearded men, and it is because of the advantages it has. These advantages are the reasons why you should purchase this product. They are:

Use Of Natural Ingredients:

This is the best thing about this product. The use of natural ingredients only shows that the product is safe for human use and that there are no harmful chemicals used to make it that could damage your follicles and sabotage your dreams.

Give You Thicker Beards:

This supplement can fill in every thin spot in your beard region and thus five your thicker beards.

It Gives You Shiner Beards:

The ingredients biotin and vitamin E present in the supplement are excellent at giving your beards that extra shine that it needs to stand out and this makes them more attractive.

It Reduces Itchiness:

The ingredients used are excellent at relieving you from itchiness that may have resulted from other reasons. This is because it soothes the skin and also eliminates the occurrence of dandruff. 

Reduce The Aging Process:

This facial hair complex is made from some key players in reducing aging as well as the development of grey hairs. Therefore it will keep you looking young.

Give You Stronger And Thicker Beards:

This supplement supports the growth of new beards and thus increasing the volume of the beards. It will also nourish your hair follicles and beards so that they are left stronger after use.

Why You Should Not Buy Beard Czar

While some people may choose to ignore the fact that this supplement has not been clinically tested, there are those that will write-off this product because of that. Even so, you should know that there are clinical tests done on the individual components of the supplement and approved to be effective and safe.

Another con that comes with Beard Czar is that it does not work its magic on dead hair follicles. Therefore, if your follicles are dead because of any reason, seek a different option. Also, when dealing with an advanced hair loss stage or graying, then there is little that this hair complex can do for you.

There is also the need to consider a person’s genetic makeup, age, and a person’s lifestyle. These three factors will affect the speed of this product to bring forth results. It may take you more than 6-8 weeks of use. Therefore, if you are in a rush, seek another option.

How Does Beard Czar Work?

It has been proved that Beard Czar works. Even so, this brings in the question of how exactly it works to give you fuller, thicker, stronger, healthier, nourished, and moisturized beards.

This facial hair complex has ingredients that will typically stimulate your hair follicles, and the result will be more hair because of growth of new hair. It helps to create the perfect environment for hair growth because it improves the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to beard scalp. This ability to nourish your hair follicles will result in stronger, shinier, and healthier beards. Dandruff has been one of the reasons why men have itchy beards and this product will also relief you by eliminating dandruff and soothing your skin.

This Beard Czar complex will also in keeping your beards looking young and fresh other than old and grey. It does this by delaying the aging process and combating the effects of aging.

All these effects are realized with the help of the individual ingredients present in this facial hair complex without which, it would be non-existent.

Why Is Beard Czar So Popular?

the beard czar reviews

The internet is flooded with Beard Czar Reviews, and this only means that the popularity of this product is unquestionable. The reason why it is so popular is that it delivers the results promised. Everyone will always love a product that is truthful, and that is why many are taking their time to write all the positive Beard Czar reviews available. It has a proven track record in many people’s lives and the more the news about its effectiveness spreads, the more popular it gets.

This product is also popular because it features the topmost ingredients that are vital for hair growth stimulation. The individual ingredients have been tested and approved to be dependable and effective. That is why the authenticity of this product is unquestionable.

Another reason is that the product is made from natural ingredients. Everyone will trust a product made of natural ingredients over one that has chemicals and artificial additives. For men who have tried home remedies, this is the next best natural way to grow your beards.

The Beard Czar Scam – Is It Real?

beard czar scam

Beard Czar is far from being a scam. I am a beneficiary of this amazing facial hair complex, and I can only say that every day is a better day for me. My beards are kept in perfect condition with the continuous use of this product as the days go by. The results are always encouraging and impressive. There are many other Beard Czar reviews as well as social media forums where people discuss everything concerning this supplement and they compare their results which I must say; they are encouraging.

The fact that every individual ingredient has been tested and approved to work in stimulating and promoting hair growth is another reason that discredits any claim that this product is a scam. With the combination of all top notch hair growth products, it will require special conditions for this product to fail.

Certain conditions will make this supplement fail, and one of them is the presence of dead follicles. This is a situation that this supplement may not help you with. Also, when used with other medications, the results may not be noticeable, and that is why one may think the supplement does not work. This is the reason behind the few negative Beard Czar reviews on the internet. Even so, this does not mean it is a scam. It simply shows that there are factors that may limit its effectiveness.

What Are Scientists Saying About Beard Czar?

is beard czar real

So far, there is hardly any scientific evidence to back up the effectiveness of this facial hair complex. In as much as we may all feel more confident when there are scientific claims of its safety and effectiveness, we must acknowledge the information available supporting the individual ingredients.

Extensive studies have been done on the individual ingredients that make up this supplement. These ingredients are available in many top-rated hair products, and there is scientific evidence that supports their working abilities as well as their safety. We shall look at the individual ingredients later and the scientific evidence that back them up.

There has also been no scientific evidence to discredit this supplement or claims that it is a scam. Therefore, all the scientific studies conducted on the individual ingredients will be all the backup we need for this product until research is carried out.

How To Use Beard Czar?

how to use beard czar

Beard Czar Supplements are capsules. In every bottle of Beard Czar facial hair complex, there are 30 capsules. As a new user, it will be wiser to start with a capsule a day either at the beginning of every day or the end of every day. There are no specific times set for taking this supplement. There are also no indications as to whether or not you should take them before or after meals. Therefore, choose the time that suits you best.

After two to three months, you can increase the dose. Some users have written in their Beard Czar reviews that they have increased the dose to twice a day and they have seen better results and no reported side effects. Even so, I would advise sticking to a pill a day. One capsule is 300mg. I think this is perfectly enough for a day. My routine is to take a pill before breakfast every day. Remember also to drink enough water when you take this supplement.

The Beard Czar Ingredients

beard czar ingredients

As we look at the individual natural ingredients, we will see the scientific evidence that makes Beard Czar an authentic and trustworthy supplement. Some of the basic ingredients include:

Vitamins A

This vitamin is found in beard care supplements and many other hair supplements and products.  Vitamin has been found to be excellent at controlling the production of oil by the skin so that one does have excess oil. It is also a perfect choice for eliminating dandruff problems that will cause facial and beard itching. Other than getting the benefits of dandruff free and itchiness free beards, your immune system will also be boosted.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been tested and approved to be very effective at delaying a person’s aging process. It will also work to ensure that your beards are always fresh and shiny giving them that natural glow. The added advantage of this vitamin is that it is excellent at dealing with free radicals and inhibiting the effects of pollution.

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Studies on Niacin shows that it is effective at combating the graying of your beards as a result of aging. Thus it will keep your beards looking black efficiently. It is also great for maintaining the overall health of your skin as well as the beards scalp. It is excellent for promoting blood circulation to the scalp thus nourishing it and creating a perfect environment for hair growth. It will do the same for your beards.

Biotin (Vitamin B)

Biotin is one of the most famous ingredient in hair products. Scientific studies show that it is excellent for growing hair and restoring its natural shine over time. This is what it does to the beards. Also, scientists found out that beard thinning is directly associated with the deficiency of biotin. With a great supply of biotin, you will all the thin spots. It is also linked to keratin production which is essential for hair, skin, and nails.

Vitamins B5 and B6

These are vital vitamins or the strengthening and thickening of facial hairs, and Beard Czar has their supply in plenty. Vitamin B5 is very popular for sustaining hair strength and like biotin; it also plays a great role in blood circulation. It also aids in combating of graying of beards.

Other than these ingredients, there are some other ingredients like green coffee bean extract, Garcinia Cambogia, and more. In as much as they are not directly related to hair growth, the fact they work to improve your general well being like enhancing metabolism, it is an advantage benefit. This means that the supplement will give you the perfect body to add to your gorgeous beards.  

Faqs About Beard Czar

As you read the available Beard Czar reviews, some questions arise in your mind, and you are itching to have answers. Here are some of the questions that many people wonder about.

Q: Is this supplement approved by FDA to be safe for human consumption or clinically tested to be safe and effective?

A: This supplement is yet to be approved by FDA, and there have not been any clinical tests conducted on it, but there are plenty of scientific studies that show the individual ingredients are safe for use. These ingredients are very popular in many other hair products that have been tested and approved. They are also natural ingredients, therefore, they are as safe as they can be.

Q: What are the side effects that I could arise from use?

A: there has never been a case reported of any side effects. Part of the reason is that the ingredients are natural and safe for human use. Even so, if you are allergic to biotin, maybe you should not use this supplement.

Q: Can I find Beard Czar in stores like Walmart?

A: Yes, this bread growing supplement is readily available on stores like Walmart.

Q: Can I use Beard Czar other products along with this supplement.

A: Yes you can and especially the Beard Czar Beard oil. Make sure that you also use the Beard Czar comb.

Q: Is Beard Czar real and safe?

A: Yes, there are lots of positive reviews on the product from existing customers that proves that it is real and genuine. Being a natural and herbal supplement, it is 100% safe and there are no reported Beard Czar side effects.

Q: How long do I have to wait to see Beard Czar results?

A: Typically, the results can be seen between 6-8 weeks. Even so, there are some that will see results before six weeks and others after eight weeks. It varies from individual to individual.

Q: When can I discontinue use?

A: You can discontinue use after 3-6 months.

Which Celebrities Are Using Beard Czar

Celebrities and models have been known to grow their beards with some help from some supplements. In as much as we may not be able to pinpoint many of them and the exact product they used, we can be sure a few have used Beard Czar Supplement. One notable celebrity is Drake. There are claims that his secret for his beards that grew overnight is Beard Czar Facial hair Complex.

Where To Buy Beard Czar

where can i buy beard czar

Once you decided to try it, you might be searching for “Where can I buy Beard Czar?” Well, it can be found on Amazon and EBay. It is almost impossible to get this supplement in stores. When purchasing this Beard Czar pills and oil, I would advise that you purchase it from their official website. This is the only way you can be sure of what you are getting. You will also escape any scams that happen over the internet.

Final Verdict On Beard Czar

My final verdict on this supplement is that it is worth a try. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who wants to grow their beards.

It has proved to work effectively, and that is why many of the Beard Czar reviews back this truth. Even so, before use, make sure you consult a doctor’s opinion and especially when you are on certain medications.

If after reading this review you are not yet convinced, you can read more Beard Czar Reviews to get all the opinions from different people, and you will be able to make a decision.

How To Grow Thicker Beards: Enhance Your Look With These Tips

There was a time where the treasure of men was their abs and their muscles. As time goes on, the list continued and it now includes beards. There are so many great things that a beard brings to a man’s life. It shows his maturity; it gives him a personal sense of style, it adds to their identity; it builds their self-esteem, and also enhances their looks. That is why many men seek to grow beards in our current generation.

To Spot A Healthy Beard, The Following Will Be Its Characteristics


Beard thickness is measured by the length of the beards. It is easy to tell this because you only need to look. The length of a man’s beards will entirely depend on their references; it can be between 2-3 inches or more.


The fullness of a beard is measured by, how many hairs one has on their beard areas. Those that have patches are not described as fuller beards.


This is seen by how healthy, strong, and shiny one’s beards are. When the beard has a lovely glow to it, it shows life. For anyone to have this, proper beard care is a must.

In growing thicker beards as many men would wish, it requires effort, patience, commitment, perseverance, and dedication. In growing thicker beards, you will need a timeframe of around four weeks. In these four weeks, you have to be patient and do not make any rash decisions.

In the first week, you will witness different growth rates in different areas. There will be patches, and this may be bothersome. Even so, refuse to be discouraged and stay your mind on the target. It may look funny but give it time instead of shaving it off.

In the second week and third, you may experience some itchiness but be patient because it will not be for long. At this time there will be a notable change. If your beards are itching, it may be because new hair is growing which may cause irritation to your skin or it may be because of improper or poor grooming.

By the time you hit the fourth week, you will see very impressive results. The beards will have connected perfectly, and any patches will have filled out. From this point, you can either decide to shape them, or you can leave them to keep growing to its full potential.

How To Boost The Growth Of Thicker Beards

Now that you have reached the fourth week and have seen some inspiring results, you can do the following to help you grow and maintain thicker beards.

  1. Avoid Stress

Stress is the worst enemy to your beards. Stress will cause your beards to thin and even fall out. Therefore, always take caution. Never allow yourself to be in stressful situations that take a toll on you. Master your defense against stress by developing a coping mechanism.

  1. Exercise More Often

Exercising is recommended to stay healthy always. Since it is good for the body, you can be sure that it is also good for the follicles. When you exercise, blood circulation is enhanced, and the metabolism rate also increases. When these two happen, there is an increased supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the follicle. Therefore, this will result in better and thicker beard growth.

  1. Add Supplements To Your Daily Routine

There are so many beards supplements in the market that work magic. Beard supplements are made up of ingredients that facilitate faster growth of beards. The ingredients will also nourish the beards leaving them shiner, stronger, fuller, and thicker. The supplements will typically have all the vital vitamins and minerals that your follicles need. Since they are made from natural products, you can also be sure that they are safe for human consumption and that they are effective because the ingredients are proven.

  1. Use High-Quality Beard Oils

When it comes to grooming your beards, you cannot miss beard oil in your beard kit. On your day to day grooming procedure, always apply some beard oil on the beards to give it a smooth final touch. The beard oil will also add to the shine of the beard giving them the perfect glow. Once in a while, you can always try hot oil treatment for your beards. This will enhance your beard’s softness, and it is also good for your skin.

  1. Massage Your Beard Area On Daily Basis

While you carry out beard grooming, remember to massage your beards. When applying the beard oil, this is the perfect time for a massage. The massage will stimulate beard growth because it stimulates blood circulation to the beards. This will promote the flow of nutrients as well as oxygen to the follicles and thus promote growth.

  1. Always Stay Hydrated And Eat Healthily

Water is vital for the body. It is the larger percentage of our bodies. When the body is hydrated, your skin will be healthier and more alive. This means that your follicles will also be healthy. Skin dryness does not promote hair growth, and dryness will take a toll on the follicles as well.

Remember to eat balanced diets and eat meals that give you the highest supply of essential vitamins like vitamin A, C, E, B6, B13, and others. This also goes for proteins. Your choice of food will greatly affect your beards.

  1. Always Rest

Overworking your body is not healthy. Your body needs enough rests because it is during this time that the body carries out cell regeneration and other processes that are going to empower and re-energize the body so that it can be ready for the next day’s activities. When you rest, you are giving the body the chance to recover, and a lot of hair growth happens in this time of rest. Rest will also make you healthy and let your body function optimally. Therefore, you can be assured that your follicles will benefit from it.

  1. Always Use The Right Product For Your Skin While Grooming

There are many beard products in the market. There are oils, sprays, shampoos, and conditioners. Always go for the ones that are great for your skin to have maximum benefits. If you do not, you may have adverse reactions that are going to interfere with your beard growth.

In your journey to growing thicker beards, you have to ensure that you use the four weeks rule. Regardless of how tough the journey becomes, you can never quit.

While on the journey and even after you have reached the fourth week, you can apply the eight tips on getting thicker beards, and you will have the best results always. You will have your thicker beards in no time.

Top Ten Products To Help You Grow Beard Thicker And Faster

Men are always seeking the best products that are going to help them grow thicker, fuller, shinier, stronger, and healthier beards. In their bid to find the one product that will work wonders, they end up getting confused because there is a pool of products in the market. This list gives you the top ten products for faster hair growth and thicker beards that you should consider.

  1. Beard Czar

Beard Czar Facial hair complex is a supplement that is made from natural ingredients. It has the vital vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth. This is a supplement that will give your results in just a few weeks. This amazing facial hair complex supplement is known for delivering faster beard growth with no side effects. The active ingredients include biotin, Niacin, vitamins A and E among others. This is a product that has been highly praised for its effectiveness in growing beards that are thick, fuller, stronger, shinier, healthier, and stronger.

  1. Vitabeard

This is a dietary supplement that has been tested and approved to be 100% drug-free. It is made of natural ingredients and has a rich supply of minerals like zinc and vitamins such as vitamin D and. This supplement works in just a short time, and it is perfect for vegans and vegetarians.  It is excellent for growing thicker, fuller, and stronger beards in a fast way. Many people have reported seeing results after one week which is very impressive. A bottle of Vitabeard has 90 capsules, and this supplies you with vital minerals and vitamins for three months.

  1. Rogaine For Facial Hair Growth

The manufacturers of this hair growth foam claim that it is excellent for hair growth for both your head and beard areas. The users have confirmed this to be true. It helps in regrowing hair and can even help with hereditary hair loss which is something that affects many men in the society. It is safe for use as it has been clinically proven to be safe and it comes highly recommended by dermatologists. This makes it very popular among the male fraternity.

  1. Beard Grow XL; Facial Hair Supplement

This is a great beard growth supplement that comes highly recommended because it can fill patches efficiently and speedily. There are no hormonal formulas used to make this supplement, and it is good for all kinds of people from different ethnicities. It is made from all natural ingredients making it safe for use. A bottle of this product has 30 capsules, and that is a full supply for a whole month. After a few uses, you will get dense, healthy, and lovely beards that will make any man stand out.

  1. Beardilizer

Beardilizer is a facial hair and beard growth complex that has been in the market for a while. Many men have gotten pleasing results from its use, and their journey of beard growing has been made better by this supplement. This supplement gives results in just four weeks, and it is made from ingredients that are highly effective in hair growth like biotin, niacin, vitamin B1, B2, B6, and B12.

It is excellent at relieving itchiness by soothing the skin. The natural ingredients used to make it are safe for consumption and with no side effects.
  1. Model Supplied Rapid Hair Growth Formula

This is a hair growth oily lotion that has all the major and essential hair growth oils, minerals, and vitamins. It is excellent at thickening the hair that already exists as well as stimulating the growth of new hair. It is an excellent product, and it only needs a small amount on a daily basis meaning it can last longer. This product will work for both men and women, and it is safe for use. It is highly effective, and there have not been any adverse side effects. When applied, you may feel tingly or itchy, but that is linked to the stimulation of hair growth.

  1. Beard Flux XL

This is beard oil that is made with carefully selected ingredients to give you the results you want. It is highly effective in nourishing your beards and giving them the shine they need on a daily basis. It is a safe product for use with no reported side effects. It contains no filters, fragrance, GMOs, additives, or parabens. It is excellent for all kinds of weathers whether cold, windy, hot, or humid. There is no itchiness caused by this oil and does not result in frizz. It is great at moisturizing the beard, and that is why it is loved by many other than being a dependable facial hair growth promoter.

  1. Natrol Biotin 10,000 Mcg Beard Growth Supplement

This is a B-Complex vitamin that is highly effective at growing beards at a faster rate as well as gives you healthy nails. It is very safe as it does not contain ingredients that people can be allergic to. Each tablet has 10,000 mcg of Biotin and 66 mg of calcium. These are the main ingredients used. The large supply of biotin is excellent as hair growth needs its maximum supply.

This product works best with people who are suffering from hair thinning. The ingredients used will give your hair a stronger, shinier, fuller, and smoother look and feel.
  1. Beard Boost; Beard Growth Vitamins For Men

This beard growth enhancing vitamin is made from special ingredients and specially formulated to give the user maximum benefits that will leave them happier. The vitamins and minerals used to make it are effective at delivering speedy growth that result in fuller, stronger, healthier, and thicker beards. It works in three ways: increases the body’s supply of vitamins and minerals help the body to create protein cells, and increase the level of silica, biotin, zinc, and B6. This product is safe for use and has no side effects. A bottle contains 60 capsules and the recommended dosage is two tablets a day for maximum results.

  1. Maxx Beard

This facial hair solution has been tested and approved to be highly effective by beard growers. It is made using a proven formula that guarantees its success after a few weeks of use. The ingredients used to make it include biotin, Niacin, Kopyrrol, and other herbal products.  They are safe for human use and since they are natural, there are no side effects reported. This solution is recommended for use only once in a day; at night. It will deeply nourish your beards and this will result in luscious, fuller, thicker, and stronger beards.

These are the top ten best products that will give you fuller and thicker beards in just a short time. They have been in the market for a while, and they have proved to be effective and trustworthy. They are made from top natural ingredients and thus safe for use. You can trust them, and you will be happy you did.

Top Ten Home Remedies To Grow Beard Faster: An Easy Way

In a bid to grow beards faster, many men have used many methods to get thicker, fuller, shinier, and stronger beards. Some have even gone as far as having beard implants. While many are open minded to try anything including medications, there are those that prefer natural methods and to even make it more convenient for them; they go for home remedies. If you want to use home remedies, here are top ten home remedies that work wonders.

  1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used in the world to grow healthy hair, and it is now one of the top oils being used in beard growth. Coconut oil has numerous advantages that facilitate the growth of hair and increase the rate of growth. Coconut is known to have deep conditioning effects. It has fatty acids, and the oil from coconut has deeper penetration capabilities into the skin and thus is moisturizes the hair follicles. It also can combat dandruff and thus promote healthy follicles and improve hair growth. We know that dandruff is an enemy to hair growth. Coconut oil helps with this.

In using coconut oil, you can mix it up with rosemary oil. Once the two have been thoroughly mixed, apply it on your beard area. Leave the mixture in for around 15-20 minutes before washing it off. While rinsing the mixture, ensure that you use cool water. When you apply the oil, massage the beard area for three to five minutes. This makes the results more pleasing. Always do this three times in a week for better results.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is also an essential oil in hair growth stimulation. It is a popular product in the market because of its extravagant benefits that result in pleasing beards that are healthier, stronger, shinier, and fuller. Eucalyptus has the following properties: anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and more. Eucalyptus is known as an excellent agent that facilitates blood vessels cleansing. As a result, there is a stimulation of the follicles. This has been tested and certified. Other than that, it is also excellent for improving the hair’s shine, thickness, as well as strength.

When using this oil, you can mix it up with olive oil or sesame oil for better results. You can also mix it with water. When you have mixed eucalyptus oil with either of the other ingredients, you can gently massage it on your beard area for a few minutes and leave it for around 20-25 minutes. After this, wash it off with cold water.

  1. Olive Oil

Olive oil is excellent when it comes to dealing with thinning beards or hair loss around your beard area just as it is with the hairs of your head. One wonderful property of olive oil is that it has DHT reduction properties. It works to ensure there is a reduced production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is the primary reason for hair thinning and falling. This hormone will typically attack the hair follicle and weaken it. This will result in the hair falling. There is always an overproduction of this hormone when one is stressed, have a hormonal imbalance, and imbalanced sugar levels. Olive oil will help you fight this whether ingested or applied on the beards. It is also an excellent conditioner and nourishes the follicles. This will, in turn, stimulate hair growth.

To use this oil, you can combine it with eucalyptus oil, coconut oil or other specific oils. When using with coconut oil, mix them in a ratio of 2:1 (2 portions of olive oil). Apply the mixture on the beards and let it sit in for around 10-15 minutes then rinse off.

  1. Taking Balanced Vitamins

For healthy hair, you will need a balanced intake of vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are vital for hair growth stimulation. They are excellent at maintaining follicles and sebum. When your follicles are healthy, the results will be healthy hair. Remember, sebum is also vital for a shiner hair.

These vitamins will also improve the circulation of blood to the hair follicles, and this will translate to a better environment for hair growth. This is because there will be a richer supply of oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. This will improve the rate of beard growth. The results will be fuller and shiner beards. Therefore, always ensure that your meals are full of these vitamins so that you can have sufficient supply of the vitamins.

  1. Alma Oil

Alma oil is used widely for hair growth because it houses numerous advantages that aim at giving you the amount of hair you want on your head and also your beards. Alma oil maintains your beard scalp healthy by optimizing the pH levels of the follicles. It is also excellent at eliminating dry flakes from the beard area leaving a great environment for hair growth. Alma oil is also full of vitamin C which is a great antioxidant that fights free radicals and thus keeps your hair from aging. When using Alma oil, massage it gently o your beards, leave it to sit in for a few minutes, 20-25 minutes and rinse off with cold water.

You can also mix Alma oil with mustard leaves. Grind the mustard leaves and add the Alma oil to make a paste. Follow the above procedure for use with this paste.
  1. A Mixture Of Cinnamon And Lemon

This is a simple process. Take a few cinnamon barks and grind them. Make some lemon juice and add the ground cinnamon 2-3 teaspoonfuls of the lemon juice you made. Apply this paste on your beard area and leave it there for around 20-25 minutes. Using cold water, rinse off this paste. Repeat this process at least twice a week for maximum benefits.

  1. Increase Your Intake Of Saturated Fats And Proteins

One vital requirement for healthy hair growth is proteins. To begin with, hair is made of keratin which is a tough protein. In your diet, you should increase your intake of proteins; the healthy proteins. Foods that contain healthy proteins that are vital include beans and fish. The foods with saturated fats that are recommended include eggs and animal fats.

These two ingredients are vital for a faster and healthier hair growth. They work optimally to grow hairs on your head as well as your beard scalp. Since hair is made of proteins, it needs proteins to sustain it and keep it healthy and strong. These two will do this job wonderfully.

  1. Hot Oil Treatment

There are several oils that we have mentioned in this article. You can use these oils to perform a hot oil treatment for your beards. This is a kind of massage that used hot oil in the processes. You can mix any two or three of the oils mentioned above. After mixing the oils, warm the mixture in a microwave for just a few seconds. Do not let it become too hot that it burns. Pour a generous amount of the warm mixture on your palms and apply it to your beards. Gently massage the mixture in a circular motion for around ten to fifteen minutes then stop. Rinse the oil off using some lukewarm water.

For you to get maximum benefits, you can do this twice a day, and in no time you will have the results you craze. Remember, massaging your beards will stimulate blood circulation to the follicles and this will increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the beard scalp and consequently follicles.

  1. Exfoliate Your Facial Skin More Often

There are so many advantages of exfoliating your skin. When you exfoliate your facial skin, you will remove the dead skin that has accumulated on your face and thus hinders healthy facial hair growth. It also helps to remove sebum buildup from the skin pores which will consequently prevent acne and thus enhance hair growth.

When exfoliating, you can use self-made facial scrub from the products that you have at home. There are so many ingredients that you can use to make DIY facial scrubs, but the following are the most popular.

  • A mixture of olive oil and brown sugar
  • A mixture of olive oil and rock salt
  • A mixture of brown sugar, honey, and lemon juice
  • A mixture of ground coffee with olive oil or water
  • A mixture of ground oatmeal, salt, and water

After you have prepared your scrub, scrub your face in a circular motion for a few minutes then wash off the scrub.

  1. Always Ensure That You Are Hydrated

Water is life without any doubt. It is also life to your hair follicles. Drinking the recommended number of glasses of water per day will give you healthy, stronger, fuller, and thicker beards.

With a great supply of water, your body will be able to flush toxins out of your body leaving you healthy. It will also prevent dryness, itchiness, and appearance of flakes which discomfort the follicles. Stay hydrated to avoid all these.

The above-mentioned home remedies are effortless to make, and they will give you maximum benefits. They are also convenient and therefore eliminate your excuses for not having thicker, fuller, stronger, and shiner beards. These remedies also help with hair growth and therefore you will enjoy faster beard growth in just a short time.

How To Grow A Beard If You Cannot Yet: A Complete Guide

Growing beards is slowly becoming an in-thing. For a long time now, we have raised a generation of men where almost everyone wants to grow a beard. Blame this on the fact that men want to look more masculine or more handsome, but whatever the case, growing beards has become an obsession. On the other hand, some men have not yet been able to grow beards, and they are in their twenties while some are past their twenties. In case you are in this category and wondering why this is so, then relax because you will find your answers today.

Why Some Men Cannot Grow Beards

Being able to grow beards is highly related and dependent on your body’s response to testosterone as well as your genetic makeup. When beards start showing up then one will know that they are entering into maturity because testosterone hormone will only be released when one is mature, and this is about the age of twenty.

Typically, both men and women will have some amount of facial hair as they grow up. Adolescence is what will distinguish the growth of the facial hairs because men will have testosterone that will interact with the existing facial hairs to make them thicker and fuller. Other than hormones, your set of genes will also play important roles. If you come from a line of males who never had any beards, then you probably are following the same trend. But if your genetic makeup interacts excellently with the testosterone, then you will grow your beards eventually even if it does not seem like you can ever have beards.

If all factors are considered, and they are all excellent, then you can do the following to grow your beards if you cannot grow them yet.

Tips On How To Grow Beards When You Can’t Yet

  1. Embark On Hormonal Therapy

We have already established that having beards is closely linked to the testosterone production of the body. Therefore, when you have high levels of testosterone, you can be sure that you will grow beards without problems.

Therefore, if your problem is low testosterone levels, you can always consult a physician on whether or not a hormonal therapy will be ideal for you. This will improve your chances of growing beards sooner than later.
  1. Use Beard Growth Supplements

Numerous beard supplements have had some notable results when put to the test by various people. One such beard supplement is the Beard Czar facial hair complex. Many men turn to beard growth supplements and are reaping the benefits. These supplements have a rich supply of some of the vital vitamins and minerals necessary for beard growth, and they will help you with growing beards. These supplements will stimulate hair growth, and in a short while, depending on an individual, you will be able to see the results.

  1. Always Try Essential Oils

There are so many essential oils that help in the growth of beards. These oils include coconut oil, Alma oil, eucalyptus oil, and others. You can always use these oils either on their own or when mixed with other ingredients on your beard scalp. Applying either of these oils on the beard region and massaging it gently for a while then washing off with some cold water will work wonders for you. Cultivate this practice, and you will see results.

  1. Have A Healthy And Balanced Supply Of Vitamins A, C, And E

A combination of these three vitamins will always present to you numerous advantages. They are excellent at providing the best environment for your hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller. Vitamin C has a special purpose, and it boosts your immune system ensuring that your follicles are always safe from infections.

Vitamin A is a crucial vitamin that maintains the health of your follicles and sebum while vitamin E will enhance the circulation of blood in your body and thus to your follicles. All these advantages create a thriving environment for your hair follicles.
  1. Do Not Stress Yourself

Stress will always take a toll on your mind, emotions, weight, mood, and hair. When you are stressed, there is the production of DHT which will tend to weaken your follicles, and this is not good for hair growth. Therefore, find ways to cope with stress because it may be impossible to avoid the day to day stresses of life. When you can, please avoid it entirely. This way, there will be no production of DHT and your follicles can thrive in the conditions provided by vitamins A, C, and E.

  1. Try Exfoliating

This is one trick that many men have not discovered because they feel that exfoliating is preserved for women. Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dead cells. When dead cells have accumulated on your skin, the new skin beneath it cannot breathe properly. The dead skin will also inhibit the growth of beards efficiently. Exfoliate even to unclog pores.

  1. Increase Your Intake Of Saturates Fats And Proteins

For you to have maximum hair growth, your meals cannot and should not lack saturated fats and proteins. Typically, hair is made from proteins, and when you increase their intake, the follicles will have a rich supply of the same. You should also note that these two also help in boosting your levels of testosterone which are crucial in growing beards. To a great extent, this can be the therapy you need.

  1. When The Worst Comes To The Worst, Seek Beards Implants

Beard implants are slowly becoming very popular in the world today. Typically, follicles will be harvested from a certain area (the scalp’s back) and implanted in the beard region whether the mustache, sideburns or the goatee. This is a minimally-invasive procedure, and no scars are left behind. In as much as this can be an option, let it be the last and the only option; right after you have exhausted all methods and nothing worked.

These are just but a few of the solutions to grow beards if you cannot yet. To get maximum benefits, you can mix up the ideas to have better results. Remember, they can mingle because they are different methods and will give you the desired results with no side effects.

12 Beard Growth Myths That You Should Know: Clear The Misconceptions

In a world where every man is trying to grow fuller and thicker beards, there is always a need for one to find out the practices, remedies, and ways to help them achieve their dreams and desires. For this reason, men always seek to know what works and what does not work when it comes to beard growing. This has caused a rise in myths that many men believe to be true but have never seen the reality come to life. Some of these myths are as follows.

Beards Make Me Look Like A Cave Man

This is only a statement that can be said by a person who is not used to seeing you with beards and especially when they are fuller. Beards do not make anyone look like cavemen unless they are unkempt. But when they are, it can be enchanting. If this is a comment that bothers you, you can try other beard styles other than a full face.

All Girls Fancy Men With Beards

Some men grow beards because they think all ladies love beards. While many ladies my like a certain degree of ‘roughness’ on a man’s face, it is wrong to think all women love beards. Some women prefer a smooth face. Therefore, this notion may work against you.

Your Beards Should Be Fuller By 20 Yrs Old

Never pressurize yourself because your beards are still patchy by the time you get to twenty and even when you are in your 20s. Some men have grown with this myth, and they think their beards are doomed to be what it is when they reach 20 and that things will not get better. Your beards will keep growing and filling the patches even up to your 50s. Therefore, focus on improving the growth rate instead of getting stressed about it and losing the little you have.

Shaving More Often Will Result In Thicker Beards

If there is anything this will do is to make your situation worse because it works against you. It has a counterproductive effect. When you shave your beards with a razor, the exposed part of the hair follicle that remains is the thicker part. And this gives an illusion that one has thicker beards. Studies have been carried out, and they show no biological relationship between increased density and growth rate. It is all in a person’s mind.

Beards May Cost You Your Job

More often you will hear a person getting rid of their beards when going for an interview because they have been told that beards ruin a person’s chances of employment. This is far from the truth because most employees have no issues with beards and those that do have a ‘no beards’ policy.

As long as your beards are nicely groomed, there is no reason for a job interview to interfere with them.

Beards Are A Discomfort Because Of Itchiness, Dandruff, Flakes, And Scratchiness

All these are reasons why some men will tell you it is better always to have a smooth face. For some men, this can be true, but t does not cut across. There are also numerous ways to take care of such problems when they arise.  Some products can help in maintaining your beards and eliminate these problems. For others, there are certain specific reasons why they experience these problems. Therefore, before one says it is because of the presence of beards, they should examine some other causes; check for reasons that lead to these conditions.

If There Is No Connection Between Mustache And Goatee, You Will Not Look Good

This is all in your head. There are numerous beard styles that you can see on different men. I have met many men with connectors between the mustache and the goatee and much more without. They all looked good with the beards. Simply because you thing connectors should be done not mean that the beards are not lovely without connectors. Simply because it does not work for you does not mean it will not work for others.

Beards Hide All Dirt And Germs

What many people think is that beards will always harbor all the dirt and germs making them gross. This is especially when the beards are long and full. In as much as this may be true to some extent where personal hygiene is questionable, it is not true for all long and fuller beards.

Men take time to clean their beards and to groom them. Therefore, there is no need to have such wild thoughts. Cleanliness is key and vital.

The Beards On Your Face Should Have The Same Rate Of Growth

This is a myth that has made many men weary of their beards and also very conscious of it thinking that there is something wrong with their beards and they eventually end up shaving. Your facial hairs on the cheeks will grow differently from those on your chin. Therefore, do not be discourages. Give them time to grow as you trim and shape them once in a long while until the part with slower growth rate catches up.

A Bald Area On The Cheek Means That You Cannot Grow Full Beards

As long as you are still alive, you have the potential and ability to grow full beards in as much as you may have bald areas right now. It is all a matter of timing and patience.

We have stated that different areas have different growth rates, therefore, between 2 – 4 months; you should be able to see some notable changes.

Only Full Beard Style Looks Attractive

If you believe this, then that is because you have not exposed yourself to information concerning beard styles. There are so many beard styles that are far more attractive than full beards. Even so, this does not mean one style is superior to another. A lot of factors will play out on whether or not a certain beard style will look good on someone. 

Beards Should Take A Certain Amount Of Time To Grow

There are certain factors that play important roles in the growth of beards. Therefore, you should not put a limiting boundary to your beard growth. While for some it may take months, for others it may take years. Therefore, never tarry. You have eternity to grow your beards to the desired length. If it happens sooner that is great. If not, give it time.

These myths have long affected many men in their journey of growing beards. Even so, now that you know about them and how untrue they are, you can have a piece of mind while growing your beards.

Never let anything dampen your high spirits for growing beards when there is no biological and scientific evidence to back it up. Always strive to be informed before believing anything and everything. If not, you will never grow your beards.

15 Ways To Grow Your Beard Naturally: Say No To Medication

Many people will define the perfect man as one who has a great physic, perfect height, perfect hair, dresses perfectly, and is well groomed. At least that is what would have passed for a perfect man. As time went by, it became essential for the perfect man to have the perfect beards. This has made many men to pay more attention to their beards trying all they can to have the perfect beards. Other than to add to their looks, beards also bring out the manliness of a man to the surface and enhance their sexiness.
Because of the benefits of having beards, men are all over the place for solutions to grow thicker, fuller, healthier, smoother, stronger and shiner. With many men preferring natural ways as compared to any other ways, the following have been found to be the most effective natural ways to grow the healthiest facial hairs for men.

1. Massage Your Beard Area

This is as easy as it sounds. What a massage would do is that it will stimulate the hair follicles and this will result in hair growth. This is a process that will not require much. Ensure that you perform a light massage of your beard area at least once a day. Gently apply some pressure along the areas you want to stimulate the growth of facial hair. Rub this area in circular motions for around ten to fifteen minutes and stop. If you want the best results always do this twice a day. This method is easy and very fast. You do not need any special ingredient but only your hands. Performing the massage will increase blood circulation to that area also, and this will deeply nourish the hair follicles with the increased supply of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients.

2. Do Not Forget To Exercise

The good thing is that men are not shy from physical exercise. Exercising helps a lot when it comes to increasing the blood circulation in the body as well as enhancing metabolism. Your main focus should be aerobic exercises. Exercising is great for overall hair growth, and it will do wonders for your beards. When there is excellent blood circulation, then your follicles will get their fair share of nutrients. Always take a few minutes to exercise every day, and you will get a notable result. This also complements the other natural ways of growing beards.

3. Increase Your Intake of Saturated Fats and Proteins

These two are essential for hair growth. Typically, the hair is made of proteins, and it needs to be covered in fats as well as oils. Increasing your intake of these two will result in their increased supply to the hair. These two will also play an important in increasing testosterone in the body which is responsible for the portrayal of manly features like beards. Fish and beans are the greatest sources of proteins. Animal fats and eggs should not be taken in plenty because they may lead to circulatory problems.

4. Have A Rich Supply of Vitamins C, A, And E

When these vitamins are combined, they will give your hair follicles the best atmosphere for hair growth. Vitamin C will improve your immune system and keep your follicles infections free. Vitamin A is known for its properties of maintaining a healthy sebum and hair follicle, and vitamin E is excellent for increasing blood circulation, and we know that increased circulation results in better hair growth.

5. Remember To Always Exfoliate

Many men think exfoliating is set aside for women only, but wiser men have realized the importance of exfoliating and getting rid of dead skin. Dead skin will hinder and even block healthy hair growth. Make it a practice to exfoliate two times a week and choose a scrub that is best suited for your skin. Clearing dead skin gives the fresh and new skin better chances of having healthier follicles.

6. Do Not Take Sleeping For Granted

We live in a world where men are being defined by the amount of paper in their bank account. Even so, as you seek to build your name in the financial world, never take sleep for granted. Lack of enough sleep has been linked to hair loss and thinning. This is also the case with beards. When you sleep, you are giving the body time to replenish and carry out more cell regeneration.This means that when you rest, you are giving your follicles the chance to replenish also and hair growth is more likely to happen when

7. Say Goodbye To Cigarettes

Cigarettes are not a healthy habit, and no one can dispute that. Research shows that cigarettes cause a constriction of the blood vessels. When this happens, there will be an insufficient supply of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to vital parts of the body let alone the beard area.

Cigarettes also reduce the capabilities of the body to absorb nutrients, and the body will always require nutrients. Lack of nutrients will affect your hair growth as well as beard growth.

8. Always Eat a Balanced Diet

Nothing can beat a balanced diet. When your diet has all the necessary nutrient the body requires, you will live a healthy and fulfilling life. When your body is healthy, then your follicles will have sufficient supply of all the vital minerals and nutrients. Keeping the follicles nourished will promote hair growth as well as help in maintaining it. Always have fiber, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals in your diet. Never forget the importance of water either.

9. Always Clean Your Face And Moisturize It

A clean face is required for healthy growth of beards. Accumulation of oils, dirt, and dead skin is a setup for failure in growing healthy beards. This is because the oil build-up, dirt, and dead skin keep the skin from breathing which is not healthy. This will inhibit growth. We have talked about exfoliating at least once a week. This is a good practice to eliminate all the negative factors from your face. Remember to moisturize your face because moisture is essential for healthy hair growth as well as beard growth. There are many facial products for men, and you can choose the moisturizing lotion of your choice and cleanser. Clean your face at the end of every day and apply the moisturizer. Eucalyptus moisturizers are the greatest.

10. Do Not Stress Yourself Out

Stress is an enemy; not only to your weight and happiness but also to your hair and beards. Stress causes hair loss and thinning. Therefore, you must always try to avoid stress at all times because the growth of your beards may depend on it.

In as much as it is almost impossible to completely avoid stress, you can come up with coping mechanisms to limit the effects of stress. Other than hair loss and thinning, stress will also accelerate aging.

11. Try Beard Growth Supplements Like Beard Czar

There are numerous beard supplements that can come in handy when you are want to grow healthier, fuller, thicker, and stronger beards. Always go for supplements that are made with all natural ingredients that are proven to promote beards growth. This is an excellent way to boost the rest of the methods mentioned. Supplements will elevate the level of all necessary vitamins and minerals required for hair growth in a stress free way. In as much as they are effective, they are no substitute for healthy eating and living habits.

12. Take Some Time Before The Next Trimming And Shaping

Many men like trimming and shaping their beards more than twice in a week. This is not a healthy practice because it slows down the growth process. Give your beards some time before you have to shape them or trim them. When they have become fuller, that is when you trim. An interval of six weeks is recommended. This also applies to shaving often because you believe that shaving on a daily basis increases the growth rate of beards. It is a myth.

13. Apply Coconut Oil

There are certain oils that are excellent for hair growth and they also work their magic on men’s beards. Coconut oil is one of them. To make it more effective, you can mix it up with rosemary oil. Use a ratio of 10:1. Apply this mix on your beard scalp and let it stay for about 15minues then you can wash it off with warm water.

14. Alma Oil

This is yet another type of oil that works the magic effortlessly. Take some Alma oil, rub it between your palms and apply your beards. It is wonderful at stimulating hair growth and beard growth. You may also use products that have. After applications, you can rinse the oil off with some cold water.

15. Use Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is excellent when it comes to hair growth stimulation. Even so, you must take caution not to use it by itself. Mix the eucalyptus oil with water in a ratio of 1:4 with eucalyptus being one portion. Once the mixture is ready, apply it on your beard area and let it stay for a while then rinse it off. In case of any irritations, wash it off immediately and never use it again.

All these are the best natural ways of growing healthier, thicker, fuller, shinier, and stronger beards. When it comes to the use of the oils mentioned, you can pair up their use with massage. Massage the oil gently to the beards for a few minutes and leave the oil to sit there for a few minutes before washing off.

These natural ways of growing beards have been approved to be very effective. They are easy and effortless to incorporate into your day to day routine. Therefore, you should have no excuses in implementing these natural ways of growing beards.

Top Beard Styles For Men – Trending & Vintage Styles

Beards are regarded as the jewelry of men since ancient times. It is the real persona of men and referred to their manhood. There is no doubt that beards are the best part of the men’s personality and there are lots of options for styling your beard. Beard styles have been changing with time but the basic pattern remains almost same. Sometimes beard style is set according to trend while sometimes it is as per the religious belief. Though there are lots of styling options but it is important to choose the option that will suit your facial structure. Here we have listed some of the famous beard styles trending all around the centuries.

Van Dyke

Popularly known as French Beard, Van Dyke was trending in French culture in the 19th and 20th century. It is quite similar to goatee style where the chin hair and mustache are not connected to each other. Looking like two patches, chin hair is kept dense and narrow whereas mustache is kept long, looking like a handle.


Named after an Italian Air Marshal, Italo Balbo, this beard style was trending in the 19th and 20th century. Balbo is an extended version of Van Dyke. Looking quite similar to Van Dyke, Balbo is styled by keeping the mustache less dense and short. While chin hair is extended to jawline. Differing from Van Dyke, in Balbo, the mustache and beard are slightly connected to each other.

Full Beard

This is a most common beard style or we can say keeping a simple beard. This means anything than clean shaven. This style is performed by maintaining uninterrupted or unmodified beard growth. Moustache hair growth is also kept uninterrupted. Nowadays this style is quite popular with men and many times some men just perform light trimming to maintain the beard size.

Chin Curtain

Remember former US President, Abraham Lincoln. This beard style was made popular by him and in that period it was the most demanded beard by men. In this style, the mustache is kept shaved and beard being grown to full length without neck hair.

Chinstrap Beard

This beard style is quite popular among Africans and some countries of South America. In this style, the facial hair is grown alongside jaw interconnecting the sideburns. It is a narrow line of hair resembling like a helmet strap.

Clean Shaven

Listed in beard style but actually doesn’t have any beard. This style is very popular in the corporate world and represents professionalism. It just requires shaving all your facial hair with sideburns been trimmed neatly. This style requires regular shaving; most often you need to shave daily.

Friendly Muttonchops

Introduced and made popular by Ambrose Burnside, the US Commander in American Civil war, this style this name by its look that resembles like a mutton chopper. In this style, the beard is grown dense from sideburns and are connected to the mustache. The chin area is kept completely shaved to give it a chopper look.

Fu Manchu

This style was named after a fictional Chinese criminal character, Fu Manchu. Similar to traditional Chinese style, the mustache is kept thin, long and narrow that is grown downward. The beard is also kept thin, long and narrow grown only on the chin.

Goat Patch

Goat patch is also known as chin strip or chin puff. In this style, the beard is grown on the chin with facial hair being broad and dense looking like a patch on the chin.


Quite similar to goat patch, in the goatee, the facial hair is grown underneath mouth on the chin but not on the cheeks. Differing from goat patch the beard is grown all over the chin and all other facial hair is been shaved.

Goatee and Mustache

Coming into trend since 1990, it is also referred as circular Van Dyke. Beard is kept as in Goatee, the only difference is that the mustache is included.

Handlebar Mustache

In this style, the beard is kept clean shaved with mustache been grown long and pointed. The mustache ends with the little bit rounded and flared out. This style required a support of hair gel or wax to maintain the flare and curve in the mustache.

Horseshoe Mustache

Remember the WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan! Horseshoe mustache is a style where the mustache is grown broad and dense down to the jawline. All the other facial hair is kept clean shaved. It looks similar to inverted U.

Mutton Chops

It is very much similar to Friendly Mutton Chops, the only difference is that the mustache is kept clean shaved. In this style, the beard is grown dense from sideburns except for the chin area.

Pencil Mustache

As the name reflects itself, pencil mustache looks like it is drawn by the pencil. In this beard is kept shaved and mustache is grown thin and narrow just above the upper lip. The area above the pencil mustache is kept shaved to accentuate the remaining hair.


This style is traditionally associated with the Amish community and was very popular in Europe and North America in the 19th century. In this style, the beard is allowed to grow full and long with mustache been shaved.


As the name suggests, to acquire this style an individual will require growing his sideburns long touching the jawline. All other facial hair will be clean shaved.


This style was made popular by 21st President of United State, Chester A. Arthur. This style looks very similar to Friendly mutton chops but the only difference is that the beard hair is grown hanging below the jawline.

Soul Patch

If you are the fan of Van Diesel then you might be very familiar with this style. In this beard style, the hair is grown in a small patch just below the lower lips except on the chin. Mustache and all other facial hair are kept clean shaved.


This style is worn by trimming the whole beard and mustache until it gives just a shade of beard. It is also known as 5’o clock beard as it looks similar to the condition where the light shade is grown after one day of shaving.

Toothbrush Mustache

This style was very famous in the 20th century due to two most famous personalities, comedy king Charlie Chaplin and German dictator Adolf Hitler. This mustache is grown above upper lips in full length extended to sides of the nose.

No matter which style you choose or which style suits your face, the bottom line is that the beard is your manhood persona and you need to take care of it.

A beard is a gift you give your face.


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