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12 Facts About Beard Growth That You Should Know


In a world where every man is trying to grow fuller and thicker beards, there is always a need for one to find out the practices, remedies, and ways to help them achieve their dreams and desires. For this reason, men still seek to know what works and what does not work when it comes to beard growing. This has caused a rise in myths that many men believe to be true but have never seen the reality come to life. Some of these myths are as follows.

Facts About Beard #1 – Beards Make Me Look Like A Cave Man

This is only a statement that can be said by a person who is not used to seeing you with beards and especially when they are fuller. Beards do not make anyone look like cavemen unless they are unkempt. But when they are, it can be enchanting. If this is a comment that bothers you, you can try other beard styles other than a full face.

Facts About Beard #2 – All Girls Fancy Men With Beards

Some men grow beards because they think all ladies love beards. While many ladies my like a certain degree of ‘roughness’ on a man’s face, it is wrong to assume all women love beards. Some women prefer a smooth look. Therefore, this notion may work against you.

Facts About Beard #3 – Your Beards Should Be Fuller By 20 Yrs Old

Never pressurise yourself because your beards are still patchy by the time you get to twenty and even when you are in your 20s. Some men have grown with this myth, and they think their beards are doomed to be what it is when they reach 20 and that things will not get better. Your beards will keep growing and filling the patches even up to your 50s. Therefore, focus on improving the growth rate instead of getting stressed about it and losing the little you have.

Facts About Beard #4 – Shaving More Often Will Result In Thicker Beards

If there is anything this will do is to make your situation worse because it works against you. It has a counterproductive effect. When you shave your beards with a razor, the exposed part of the hair follicle that remains is the thicker part. And this gives an illusion that one has thicker beards. Studies have been carried out, and they show no biological relationship between increased density and growth rate. It is all in a person’s mind.

Facts About Beard #5 – Beards May Cost You Your Job

More often you will hear a person getting rid of their beards when going for an interview because they have been told that beards ruin a person’s chances of employment. This is far from the truth because most employees have no issues with beards and those that do have a ‘no beards’ policy.

As long as your beards are nicely groomed, there is no reason for a job interview to interfere with them.

Facts About Beard #6 – Beards Are A Discomfort Because Of Itchiness, Dandruff, Flakes, And Scratchiness

All these are reasons why some men will tell you it is better always to have a smooth face. For some men, this can be true, but t does not cut across. There are also numerous ways to take care of such problems when they arise.  Some products can help in maintaining your beards and eliminate these problems. For others, there are certain specific reasons why they experience these problems. Therefore, before one says it is because of the presence of beards, they should examine some other causes; check for reasons that lead to these conditions.

Facts About Beard #7 – If There Is No Connection Between Mustache And Goatee, You Will Not Look Good

This is all in your head. There are numerous beard styles that you can see on different men. I have met many men with connectors between the moustache and the goatee and much more. They all looked good with the beards. Just because you think connectors should be done not mean that the beards are not lovely without connectors. Only because it does not work for you does not say it will not work for others.

Facts About Beard #8 – Beards Hide All Dirt And Germs

What many people think is that beards will always harbour all the dirt and germs making them gross. This is especially when the beards are long and full. In as much as this may be true to some extent where personal hygiene is questionable, it is not true for all long and fuller beards.

Men take time to clean their beards and to groom them. Therefore, there is no need to have such wild thoughts. Cleanliness is key and vital.

Facts About Beard #9 – The Beards On Your Face Should Have The Same Rate Of Growth

This is a myth that has made many men weary of their beards and also very conscious of it thinking that there is something wrong with their beards and they eventually end up shaving. Your facial hairs on the cheeks will grow differently from those on your chin. Therefore, do not be discourages. Give them time to develop as you trim and shape them once in a long while until the part with slower growth rate catches up.

Facts About Beard #10 – A Bald Area On The Cheek Means That You Cannot Grow Full Beards

As long as you are still alive, you have the potential and ability to grow full beards in as much as you may have bald areas right now. It is all a matter of timing and patience.

We have stated that different areas have different growth rates; therefore, between 2 – 4 months; you should be able to see some notable changes.

Facts About Beard #11 – Only Full Beard Style Looks Attractive

If you believe this, then that is because you have not exposed yourself to information concerning beard styles. There are so many beard styles that are far more attractive than full beards. Even so, this does not mean one style is superior to another. A lot of factors will play out on whether or not a specific beard style will look good on someone. 

Facts About Beard #12 – Beards Should Take A Certain Amount Of Time To Grow

There are certain factors that play important roles in the growth of beards. Therefore, you should not put a limiting boundary to your beard growth. While for some it may take months, for others it may take years. Therefore, never tarry. You have eternity to grow your beards to the desired length. If it happens sooner, that is great. If not, give it time.

These myths have long affected many men in their journey of growing beards. Even so, now that you know about them and how untrue they are, you can have a piece of mind while growing your beards.

Never let anything dampen your high spirits for growing beards when there is no biological and scientific evidence to back it up. Always strive to be informed before believing anything and everything. If not, you will never grow your beards.

Learn More About Beard Growth

I hope this article would be able to debunk all the myths related to beard growth in your mind. For more facts on beard growth, tips, advises, home remedies and to find out best supplements, checkout our website’s homepage.


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