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The Beard. A symbol of masculinity. Throughout history, Beard has always been a symbol of strength, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and manhood. That wise old man from the movie? Always that a beard. The tribe-oldest? The king? A very bearded man on the throne surrounded by clean-shaven subjects.

A beard is a powerful statement: I am a man.

From a psychological point of view: it is a sign of maturity. And from the woman: attractiveness and the ability to father children. But before we move on to exactly what can you do to make your beard grow faster, we first answer this question:

For those who do not want to read the whole article, the following treatments are effective:

Combination of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, strength training, sex & enough sleep.

How to make your beard grow faster

The four-week rule to get full beard fast

You read this article probably because you think you do not have enough facial hair, to develop a nice full and thick beard. But most beards do not emerge, because the owner underestimates the potential of his beard.

In other words, many men never grow a beard because they believe – erroneously – that their beard is “too spotty.” That it does not have enough coverage to connect, and thus give the appearance of a full-fledged beard.

You have to grow your beard for at least four weeks. Only then do most beards begin to grow densely. Just after a reasonable amount of time, you can evaluate the real status of your beard.

Dedicate yourself to growing a beard. Growing a beard requires dedication. Growing a bit of down or stubble is easy. You only have to wait a few days. Then it merely requires basic maintenance maintenance

Do not start too quickly with the trimming and biting off your beard. You probably cut more than you originally wanted. You have to give your beard the time to grow to a reasonable length. This is how you can see the real lines of your beard growth.

After these four weeks, you have two choices.

You can continue growing a majestic and natural beard.
You can touch your beard, trim or cut.

Growing a full beard gives you more respect in the beard community, while the shaving makes you more presentable. The latter is best to do with a good beard trimmer and a visit to a barber.

Do not forget your beard oil. Start by applying beard oil when you start growing a beard. It ensures that your beard looks healthier, younger and better. Many people underestimate the four-week rule. It is the main reason why most beards never arise. For most of you reading this guide, this applies. You are here to know to grow prematurely. You are aware of the tightness of your horse, and it is noticeable.

The travel distance of all things can do to grow a full beard fast. You are here to increase your beard faster. If you miss something, let us know in the comments. If your method is based on scientific research, then we will add it to our list.

How can I grow a beard faster?

To grow a couple faster, you have to understand one thing. All human hair growth accompanied speed. This is 1 to 1.25 cm per month. and I know everyone has that friend who can grow a full beard in just two weeks. This does not mean that his beard grows faster. It only becomes clearly visible more quickly

Three factors give the feel of growing a beard faster:

color . Dark hair looks thicker.
diameter . Some men have thick hair, other thin, fine hair.
density . If you have a lot of hair on a square centimeter, your beard will fill in faster. In this way, it seems to grow faster.
It is not possible to grow facial hair faster. But you can make your hairs thicker, and stimulate inactive hair follicles to produce hair. Thicker hair, and more hair follicles, means more beard.

We now first look at the theory behind beard growth.

How fast does a beard grow?

The male hormone testosterone has a huge effect on the growth of body hair. And also on your facial hair. Testosterone stimulates the hair follicles in the face, so that they will produce hair under the influence of DHT. The more testosterone you have, the more likely it is that you can grow a nice full beard.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a metabolite of testosterone. Both hormones play a role in the formation of hair follicles and the growth of facial hair. (And both hormones regulate even more important things for men, such as the growth of the penis, how much sense you have in sex, the power of your erection, but unfortunately also the growth of nose & ear hair.)

Scientific research shows that T & DHT play independent roles when it comes to the development of male facial hair. In other words: Testosterone activates your hair follicles and prepares them for the growth of beard hairs. Under the influence of DHT, these hair follicles now grow hair, in a linear relationship. So by increasing your testosterone and your dihydrotestosterone levels, you can stimulate your beard growth.

Best ways to make your beard grow faster

1) Increase your Testosterone for the fastest way to grow a beard

By increasing your testosterone, you stimulate your body to activate the hair follicles that already have in your cheeks. That is why it is important to boost your testosterone level to stimulate beard growth.

And not only for that, a high testosterone level has a considerable number of (health) benefits for men.

We have a whole list of testosterone enhancing supplements , which you can view here. In short, it comes down to:

a) enough sleep ( source )
b) strength training
c) a lot of sex
d) vitamin D , zinc, magnesium, calcium . Or perhaps a beard growth supplement.

2) How to grow beard hair faster with DHT

When you have activated your bags under the influence of T, you have to make sure that your hair follicles actually produce large healthy hairs. This happens under the influence of dihydrotestosterone. Therefore read the article “How can you naturally increase your dihydrotestosterone level? “.

beard growth products

Certain medications are known to have a beard growth inhibitory effect. These include finasteride and dutasteride. These drugs are used against BPH (Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy, a benignly enlarged prostate) as well as against hair loss and baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

3) Minoxidil make my beard grow faster

If you suffer from hair loss, you may already know this hair growth agent. Minoxidil, also known as Regaine or Rogaine, is very effective when it comes to growing hair on your body, where there are hair follicles.

Minoxidil started as an oral medication for high blood pressure. Patients started reporting hair growth about themselves. From this, tropical minoxidil must be further developed. Minoxidil has been approved by the American FTA for treating hair loss. You do not need a prescription to buy this product in the Netherlands. If you want to use minoxidil to stimulate (beard) hair growth, apply it to your face once or twice a day. Leave it at least 4 hours, and then it was gone again..

4) Testosterone replacement therapy helps grow a beard very fast

Whether it is wise to use testosterone replacement therapy, if you only want more beard growth, is a second. Over time the natural production of testosterone stops, and you have to restart it with certain means such as clomid or nolvadex. This is also called after.

What is true is that by administering exogenous testosterone, you get (a lot) more testosterone, and so also more DHT, in your blood. This will naturally lead to more beard growth.

If you have a chronic low testosterone level, this has quite a number of adverse effects on your health. Then testosterone replacement therapy might be something that could benefit you.

5) Facial hair transplantation to grow a full beard fast

Since 2007, six times as many beard transplants have been performed as before. And judging by how popular beards have become the last a year, this is not really a surprise. The hair is transplanted from the back or the side of your skull. It depends a bit on what appears to be more like your facial xbeharin. But keep in mind that your donor area is not infinite. Keep this in mind if you ever plan to do her transplant, to remedy any features of classic male pattern baldness.

A beard transplant is reasonably expensive and takes between 2 and 5 hours. Rarely do patients need a second procedure. After two weeks the transplanted hairs fall out. This is normal. Three months later, your fallen “beard” hairs grow again. If you can afford this, this option is certainly available. A transplant can be the only solution if you do not have facial hair at all. Then make an appointment with a specialist. But if your beard is spotty and not yet fully grown, there are a number of products on the market that you can try first.

6) Best products to make your beard grow faster

You can buy a good number of products online, claiming that they can grow your bar faster. But their effectiveness and effect is often debatable. Some even have fake reviews and reviews to boost sales. We do not want to shave all these products together, and say that they are all worthless. Some may work – but do not expect outrageous results. Visit for an honest review on Beardilizer.


When you are considering growing a thick and full beard, first think about how old you are. If you are still a teenager, and your beard growth is still spotty, expect a lot of thickening in the next few years. No reason to worry yet. If you are in your twenties, remember that your beard will continue to develop. Although slightly slower. Make sure your beard and the right environment and good conditions to grow.

Live healthy, do strength training, get enough rest and sleep, manage your stress and take your vitamins. The only scientifically proven way to stimulate your beard growth is minoxidil. It works guaranteed, but the effectiveness differs per person. If you are in your 30 years and you still have little or no facial hair, then it probably is not in your genes. Nothing will work-except maybe a huge good response from minoxidil or a face herring transplant.


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