Beard is considered as the real jewelry for men and today almost every men desire to have long, dense and thick beard. For some men, they are gifted with fuller beard naturally. All they have to do it to maintain it. Where as some men fail to grow it naturally. It can be a frustrating situation for those men and that’s reason why they hold a razor to get clean shaved so that they can hide their inability to grow fuller beard.

Hi, my name is David Garner, the creator of My Beard Guy. Guys, I can understand your situation as I have also gone through same condition. In my collage days, most of my friends have full beard and I feel frustrated as my face had patchy beards. To hide my embarrassment, I use to keep clean shaved but in my heart I really hope to have fuller beard like my friends.

This initiated me to search a solution for this condition. I searched on Youtube and there I found lots of home remedies for beard growth. But unfortunately, none of them helped me. Then one of my friends advised me to use beard growth products. I am glad to say that today I wear a beard that I was desiring for long time. This happened due to right selection of beard growth product. Here I am going to help you out with the product that I used and some other recommended options for beard growth.

Why Most Men Fail To Grow Beard

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First of all, it is important to understand that why most of us fail to grow fuller beard. There is a misconception that men fail to grow beard because of low testosterone level. It is totally wrong conception. Growth of beard has no direct relation with testosterone level. The scientific reason behind lack of beard growth is a chemical found in men, DHT or Dihydrotestosterone.

Men who lack the production of DHT, fail to grow beard. DHT is a hormonal chemical that is generated from testosterone. This doesn’t mean that DHT production is halted due to low testosterone level. Rather the reason is that your body is not responding in production of DHT from testosterone.

Natural Beard Growth Home Remedies

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Most men prefer to try home remedies before using beard growth products and supplements. There are many home remedies available to stimulate the growth of beard such as home made oils, paste and diet. These options can be cannot be effective unless you find the right method of preparing it and using it. As you know that I have also used lots of home remedies and still I failed to get benefited from it. The reason is that almost 95% of tips for home remedies are just fake and ineffective. It can waste your time and effort. Therefore, it is important that if you are not sure with these home remedies, don’t apply them.

What Are Men’s Beard Growth Products

Where home remedies fails, you are left with the options of beard growth and treatment products. These products can be in the form of oil, balm, serum or shampoo. Beard growth products are the best option to stimulate the growth of facial hair as they are formulated with powerful ingredients that are focused on initiating the beard growth. These products work from inside by regulating the hair follicles to stimulate the growth of hairs on your face. Different from oils and other applicable products, beard growth supplements help in beard growth by regulating the production of DHT.

Why You Need Beard Hair Growth Products

Look, if you are really frustrated with your patchy beard or you completely failed to grow beard, you definitely need a solution. As you cannot 100% rely on home remedies, beard growth products is the only option that can deliver you guaranteed prominent results within a matter of few weeks. Although, you also have the surgical option in which the hairs are transplanted on your face. But it can cost you very high and you also have to through surgical pain.

Do Beard Growth Products Work

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The effectiveness of the beard growth products totally depend on three factors. First is selection of right product, second is using it according to the recommendation and last but most importantly, reason for your inability to grow fuller beard. If your problem is genetic, then sorry to say, no beard care product can help in you to overcome the condition. In this case, you are only left with one option, transplantation.

Choosing the right, good and proven beard growth product is also very important to get prominent results. There are hundred of such products that claim to be the best among all but almost 90% of them are just market hype. Even choosing the right product doesn’t guarantee you the result delivery until you follow the recommended usage.

Types Of Beard Care & Treatment Products

Beard care products comes in many forms and each of them has their specialty, formulation and nature of work. Where beard oil and supplement are especially focused on growth of beard, beard conditioner, shampoo and cream are actually beard grooming products. These men’s bread grooming products work to maintain long and healthy beard.

Beard Growth Products #1 – Beard Oil

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Beard growth oil is an oil that is especially formulated to stimulate the beard growth. It is formulated with some powerful ingredients that help in stimulating the facial hair follicles. It moisturizes the beard and facial skin so that hair growing are soft and silky.

Beard Growth Products #2 – Beard Shampoo & Conditioner

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It is not actually a beard growth product rather it is a beard grooming product. Beard shampoo and conditioners are used to grow soft and silky beard faster only if you have beard, but the growth speed is slow and the hairs are hard. They both are used in combination of each other similarly as you use hair shampoo and conditioners. Beard conditioner increases the efficiency of beard shampoo.

Beard Growth Products #3 – Beard Wax & Balm

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Both beard wax and balm works similarly and add efficiency to each other when used combinedly. They both are known for their powerful beard sculpting property that helps in maintaining the style of the beard. Its not all that they does for your beard. Beard wax and balm are formulated with various moisturizing ingredients along with some essential oils that are rich in nutrients. They both help in keeping your beard hydrated, nourished and conditioned. Beard balm and wax also helps to grow long, soft and silky beard.

Beard Growth Products #4 – Beard Growth Supplements

Beard growth supplements are considered as the most powerful beard growth product. They are actually proven to stimulate beard growth. As we know that there are only two reasons for patchy beards, lack of DHT or genetic hereditary. These beard growth supplements are formulated with essential nutrients such as biotin that is known for stimulating the beard growth by increasing the production of DHT from testosterone. These supplements can be good proven beard growth products.

Difference Between Men’s Beard Growth & Grooming Products

There are two kinds beard condition for men. First is where men fail to grow beard completely and second where men are able to grow beard but either have patchy beard or their beard grows slowly and hard. Where beard growth products are formulated to help those men who fail to grow beard completely, beard grooming products helps men to maintain long, full and healthy beard. Beard grooming products comes into play after beard growth products.

Where To Buy Beard Growth Products

As we know that there are thousands of men grooming products available in the market. Most of them are available for sale in local stores and cosmetic centers. But the problem with these products is that you cannot judge whether they really work or not. Because, you cannot find reviews for these offline available products.

Whereas there are some products that are only available on online stores and these products are actually you can rely on because you can find reviews for them. Though there are various websites who offer you these beard care products on sale. But it is best to buy them from their official websites.

My Recommendation For Best Beard Growth Products

In starting of this article, I told you that there was one beard growth product that I used, and it helped me to get dense beard. But when I am here to help you in your beard growth journey, it is important for me to lay down best available products in the market so that you can choose among them. After a long research, I managed to pick out 4 proven beard growth products. Let’s find them out.

Top Beard Growth Products – Recommendation #1 – Beardilizer


Beardilizer is a complete range of beard growth products that consist of beard growth pills, cream, spray and shampoo. All the Beardilizer products are formulated with 100% natural and herbal ingredients that consist of various vital minerals and vitamins. This product is known to stimulate beard growth as it works from every angle. Where pills help to stimulate the beard growth from inside, spray does it from outside. Beardilizer cream and shampoo are used to give your growing beard a moisturizing effect. Checkout our Beardilizer review to find out more.


Top Beard Growth Products – Recommendation #2 – Scotch Porter

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Scotch Porter is actually a complete range of men’s grooming products in which is includes grooming products from head to toe. You can get products for your hair care, skin care along with some prominent range of beard care products. Scotch Porter has a variety of beard care products such as beard smoothing oil, beard growth oil, beard balm, beard conditioner, beard cream, and beard wash. All these products make a complete beard grooming package for men to grow and nourish their facial hair. Checkout our Scotch Porter review to find out more.


Top Beard Growth Products – Recommendation #3 – Beard Growth Spray

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Beard Growth Spray is an herbal beard growth product that comes in the form of spray and is specially formulated to promote beard growth. This beard growth spray stimulates the beard growth in the areas where either the hair doesn’t exist, or they are noticeably thinner. Men suffering from the similar condition are the ideal candidate to use this beard spray to target beard growth. Beard Growth Spray helps to provide required nutrients to your hair follicles to stimulate the beard development and provide you desired facial appearance. Checkout our Beard Growth Spray review to find out more.


Top Beard Growth Products – Recommendation #4 – Beard Czar

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Beard Czar is a renowned company that sells the Beard Czar beard formula which is a premium quality nutrition supplement. This supplement is aimed at giving every man exquisite beard growth and how to maintain a beard. The product includes two types of beard growth pills, a facial hair complex and a phytoceramides, along with a beard oil and a guide for beard maintenance. The ingredients used in the formulation of these products are 100% natural and proven to stimulate beard growth. Checkout our Beard Czar review to find out more.



All the four products that I listed above are my personal recommendation for you and not a final decision that you have only choose from my list. Afterall its your condition and your decision is important. My aim is to just present the best available option infront of you so that you can make your decision easily. Read our reviews on all these beard growth products before you make any decision. I am going to further add other beard care products in my recommendation list if I found any of them genuine.