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Steps To Stimulate Facial Hair Growth In Just 30 Days


Whatever you see on advertisements, the growth of facial hair is not so much determined by age, origin, genes or how often you share the bed with a lovely partner. In a world where everything has to be fast and today it can be soothing to know what the most important factor for growing facial hair is: patience .

When does facial hair growth is halted

You can not grow a beard today. Of course this is different per person, but there will be no one who has a full beard within a few days. If you are lucky, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to grow a good beard. Sometimes you need a little more patience, about two to three months.

Because of this difference, some potential beard men do not continue, so they drop out too early and shed their not yet full beard. Everyone who has grown a beard knows, the more you pay attention the longer it lasts! It is as if you are watching until the water starts to boil. So do not try to pay too much attention and let time go its own way.

In this step-by-step plan you will find exactly ‘How to grow facial hair faster’. 30 days to a full beard man! With tips and tricks you come through the difficult period in which your beard is not yet fully grown. You will also find ideas to grow your beard faster; and of course how it remains completely clean!

How To Stimulate Facial Hair Growth Faster

Promote Facial Hair Growth – Day 1: Do not shave

Sounds logical right? You start with not shaving. Relax, watch a movie and let the time do its work. It can help to eat more proteins these days, for example fish, eggs, and nuts. Proteins are the building blocks of hair and nails, and contribute to faster hair growth and the activation of hair follicles.

Encourage facial hair growth – Day 4: Take care of your beard

After a few days your beard can start to itch. Often the point where the first doubts come, and some people stop their attempt. Probably the hardest part to get through! You do not have a beard yet, but you have a big itch on your face! Relieves the pain with a nourishing facial hair growth shampoo and ensures that you also take care of the underlying skin. Just continue! That itching is almost gone and your beard is already looking good.

Day 7: Biotin oil remedies for facial hair growth

Once you have achieved the first week, your chances of becoming a real beard-goer have risen considerably! You have now had the most difficult period. After 7 days your skin has had the chance to adapt to the beard hairs. In addition, your beard hairs become softer because they are exposed to the outside world. If you are still suffering from itching at this time, it can help to use a good facial hair growth oil that cares for both the beard and the underlying skin, such as Beardbrand Tree Ranger .

Day 8: Scrubs helps  in rapid facial hair growth

When you shave daily you not only remove those troublesome stubble, you also take the top dead layer off your skin. This makes it easier to grow new skin and promotes hair growth.Because you do not shave anymore, the skin cells can remain lying down and these inhibit the growth of your beard hairs. It is wise to properly scrub the underlying skin. This not only ensures that your beard grows faster but also gives relief to the underlying skin and reduces any itching you may have. Keep scrubbing about 1 to 2 times a week to take care of your skin.

Day 12: Diet encourages facial hair growth

Good and healthy food can also help with a nice full beard. Certain vitamins and minerals can increase the growth rate of your hair. Think of Vitamin A, B, C and E. These can be found for example in apples, mango, orange, spinach and tomatoes.

Day 14: Trimming enhances instant facial hair growth

By this time it probably starts to look like a beard. And with a beard, care! You do not want to look like someone who is too lazy to shave, but as someone who proudly keeps his beard in check! It is wise to keep an eye on the contours of your beard and possibly cut it with a beard scissors.

This ensures that your beard looks beautiful and looks good. Three tips for cutting your beard:

See how the natural hairline is. With most men, the beard starts about 1.5 cm below your cheekbones. Leave the skin above.
Make sure that the hairs under your chin never curl upwards. Hold it straight or curl it back slightly.
Make sure there are no hairs hanging over your upper lip! A true magnet for soup, coffee and cookies. Comb the hair straight down and cut it neatly.
Day 17: Find your favorite beard
Billy Jealousy Bulletproof Mustache WaxYou’ve come a long way! Take it easy and take some time for yourself. Try to get inspiration. Do some research about your favorite beard and how you want to grow it yourself. What do you think is the most beautiful beard?

Day 20: Check for stains in your beard

Your hair does not grow everywhere quickly, but it is possible to make the spots or patches in your beard less visible. Earlier we wrote an article with tips to grow more thicker facial hair. Your beard does not automatically sit perfectly, and sometimes it needs some help. For example, use a Mustache wax or beard oil to model your beard.

Day 24: Moisturization promotes facial hair growth

We said it before, the underlying skin needs to be well taken care of. But as we all know, we sometimes lose our attention over time. But believe us, hydrate your beard and the underlying skin is important. It prevents itching, ensures faster growth and gives you a nice full beard.

Day 26: Use jojoba oil shampoo for facial hair growth

Washing your beard and face is good! Certainly do! But be careful not to do it often. The founder and owner of BeardBrand says that many men wash their beards too often; or use a hair shampoo for their beard! Note, however, that your hairs are quite different from the hair on your head. Your scalp has a thick skin, while the skin on your face is very thin. With your beard you must therefore be extra careful not to damage your skin. Use a good Beard shampoo that is gentle on the skin.

Day 30: Go to a barbershop

Woeha! Congratulations! You have grown a beard and joined the club of beard men. After this hard work it is time for a gift to yourself. Go to a good Barbershop and have your beard perfectly modeled. An experienced barber knows exactly how he can show off your beard perfectly. He can often give you tips on which model suits you best. If you pay attention, you can simply do it yourself. Now proudly walking around with your beard!

Best product for facial hair growth treatment

Most men don’t like to follow these hectic lifestyle and diet changes and therefore they prefer a shortcut or an easy way to get stimulate the beard growth. Scotch Porter is a product that helps in stimulating the beard growth without any effort. All you have to do is to spray the liquid on your facial area and rest is done by the product. Read the review for more details on Scotch Porter.


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