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Some Of The Best Facial Hair Growth Products


Having a beard is the trend of 2018. But growing a beard is not just something. There is a lot involved. It is logical to have questions like Which beard suits me? And which beard products do I need exactly?

Growing a beard goes without saying..but that does not mean that you do not have to do anything about it. There are different types of beard products that you need to grow a beard successfully. We help you choose the right beard trimmer, the beard shears that you need to keep your beard neat. And which beard care you need to grow a real male beard.

You can, of course, buy these products that promote facial hair growth separately. But often you are cheaper when you buy a whole beard care set.

What should you pay attention to when buying the best facial hair growth formula for men?

In the base, there are several points you have to pay attention to when buying products to make facial hair grow faster.

First of all: ingredients of men’s facial hair care products. Hairs are very sensitive to chemicals. When a lot of ‘junk’ is put into your beard care products, this does not benefit your beard. So try searching for natural products, such as the Proraso or Lard brand.

It is also essential to buy the right products at the length of the beard you have. For example, a Philips one blade or shaver is perfect for a stubbly beard. But if you want to grow your beard longer, you should still go for a beard trimmer that can retain more length of your beard. So be sure to read the top 10 beard trimmers before you make a choice.

Not only the right beard trimmer is essential for the length of beard, but also the facial hair products that you need. A good beard balm works great for a long beard. But with a stubbly beard you do not need a beard balm to keep the beard in shape.

In which beard phase are you?

For everyone, the perfect length of a beard is different. One person likes a long beard, but another thinks a stubble is much better.
With every length of beards, you need different types of beard products.

Take care of Short Beard with top beard growth products

And once you have the beard you always wanted .. How can you take care of it? There are a few very important beard products around the corner.

Facial Hair Growth Products #1 – Best Oil For Facial Hair Growth

Beard oil is a care product that needs to be in your cupboard to take care of a short beard. The beard oil cares for your skin under your beard. This is necessary to give the beard hairs with difficulty through your skin a chance. In addition, beard oil provides your beard hairs. They remain healthy.

We all know how hard beard hairs can be. Your lover is not always pleased about that. In addition to the nourishing effect, beard oil also ensures that your short beard softens. Nice stuff.

For us, the beard oil topper of 2018 is the Beardilizer. The beard product is quite cheap, makes your beard nice and soft .. And gives you a real men’s fragrance through the wooden smell. You also need a beard brush to distribute the beard oil under all beard hairs. Are you curious how you can use the best beard oil or which beard oil you have to buy?

Men’s Facial Hair Growth Products #2 – Shampoo & conditioner for facial hair growth

Ah, the beard shampoo. You will probably think: why is not my regular conditioner or shampoo sufficient? Well .. Beard hairs work somewhat differently from your normal head hairs. The beard hairs need oil to get through the day.

Regular hair shampoo pulls the oil out of your beard hair, leaving the hair suddenly without food. In most beard shampoos are natural ingredients, making this the choice of justice for your beard. And because you start to get beard hair with a short beard, it is essential to take good care of your beard hairs.

Scotch Porter beard shampoo came out the best in our test. The beard shampoo is full of natural ingredients such as Argan oil and cactus oil. The responsible choice for your beard.

And are you wondering which beard shampoo is even more in our top 5? Then check out the top 5 beard shampoo 2018 here.

Products to help grow facial hair #3 – Facial hair growth serum, spray & balm

You have come to a place where your hairs have become quite long. And this means that your hairs sometimes fly in all directions. How can we groom a beard and style it in one? You guessed it. By Beard Balm.

Beard balm is really super stuff. Just like beard oil, beard balm provides your skin and your beard hairs. But that is not the only effect of beard balm. This beard product ensures that your hairs stay in the right place throughout the day. Finally, you can get your beard in the right direction!

Also, you also need a beard comb to get your beard in shape when you pop the beard balm into your beard. By wiping your fingers through beard, it works. But a beard comb helps to get your beard completely in the right direction.

Best Natural Facial Hair Growth Products

All these products are very prominent in the healthy growth of facial hair. Although, if you are searching for the best one, Beardilizer can be one of the best choices. Visit the review page of Beardilizer for more details.


My Favorite Pick For Facial Hair Growth Product


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