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A Complete Guide On Beard Growth Tips


Growing beards is slowly becoming an in-thing. For a long time now, we have raised a generation of men where almost everyone wants to grow a beard. Blame this on the fact that men want to look more masculine or more handsome, but whatever the case, growing beards has become an obsession. On the other hand, some men have not yet been able to grow beards, and they are in their twenties while some are past their twenties. In case you are in this category and wondering why this is so, then relax because you will find your answers today.

Why Some Men Cannot Grow Beards

Being able to grow beards is highly related and dependent on your body’s response to testosterone as well as your genetic makeup. When beards start showing up then one will know that they are entering into maturity because testosterone hormone will only be released when one is mature, and this is about the age of twenty.

Typically, both men and women will have some amount of facial hair as they grow up. Adolescence is what will distinguish the growth of the facial hairs because men will have testosterone that will interact with the existing facial hairs to make them thicker and fuller. Other than hormones, your set of genes will also play important roles. If you come from a line of males who never had any beards, then you probably are following the same trend. But if your genetic makeup interacts excellently with the testosterone, then you will grow your beards eventually even if it does not seem like you can ever have beards.

If all factors are considered, and they are all excellent, then you can do the following to grow your beards if you cannot grow them yet.

Best Beard Growth Tips For Men

Best Beard Care Tips #1 – Embark On Hormonal Therapy

We have already established that having beards is closely linked to the testosterone production of the body. Therefore, when you have high levels of testosterone, you can be sure that you will grow beards without problems.

Therefore, if your problem is low testosterone levels, you can always consult a physician on whether or not a hormonal therapy will be ideal for you. This will improve your chances of growing beards sooner than later.

Best Beard Growth Tips and Tricks #2 – Use Beard Growth Supplements

Numerous beard supplements have had some notable results when put to the test by various people. One such beard supplement is the Beardilizer facial hair complex. Many men turn to beard growth supplements and are reaping the benefits. These supplements have a rich supply of some of the vital vitamins and minerals necessary for beard growth, and they will help you with growing beards. These supplements will stimulate hair growth, and in a short while, depending on an individual, you will be able to see the results.

Men’s Beard Growth Tips #3 – Always Try Essential Oils

There are so many essential oils that help in the growth of beards. These oils include coconut oil, Alma oil, eucalyptus oil, and others. You can always use these oils either on their own or when mixed with other ingredients on your beard scalp. Applying either of these oils on the beard region and massaging it gently for a while then washing off with some cold water will work wonders for you. Cultivate this practice, and you will see results.

Tips For Promoting Beard Growth #4 – Have A Healthy And Balanced Supply Of Vitamins A, C, And E

A combination of these three vitamins will always present to you numerous advantages. They are excellent at providing the best environment for your hair follicles to grow thicker and fuller. Vitamin C has a special purpose, and it boosts your immune system ensuring that your follicles are always safe from infections.

Vitamin A is a crucial vitamin that maintains the health of your follicles and sebum while vitamin E will enhance the circulation of blood in your body and thus to your follicles. All these advantages create a thriving environment for your hair follicles.

Tips To Grow Facial Hair Faster #5 – Do Not Stress Yourself

Stress will always take a toll on your mind, emotions, weight, mood, and hair. When you are stressed, there is the production of DHT which will tend to weaken your follicles, and this is not good for hair growth. Therefore, find ways to cope with stress because it may be impossible to avoid the day to day stresses of life. When you can, please avoid it entirely. This way, there will be no production of DHT and your follicles can thrive in the conditions provided by vitamins A, C, and E.

Tips On Grooming A Beard #6 – Try Exfoliating

This is one trick that many men have not discovered because they feel that exfoliating is preserved for women. Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dead cells. When dead cells have accumulated on your skin, the new skin beneath it cannot breathe properly. The dead skin will also inhibit the growth of beards efficiently. Exfoliate even to unclog pores.

Tips On Maintaining A Beard #7 – Increase Your Intake Of Saturates Fats And Proteins

For you to have maximum hair growth, your meals cannot and should not lack saturated fats and proteins. Typically, hair is made from proteins, and when you increase their intake, the follicles will have an abundant supply of the same. You should also note that these two also help in boosting your levels of testosterone which are crucial in growing beards. To a great extent, this can be the therapy you need.

Tips For A Great Beard #8 – When The Worst Comes To The Worst, Seek Beards Implants

Beard implants are slowly becoming very popular in the world today. Typically, follicles will be harvested from a certain area (the scalp’s back) and implanted in the beard region whether the mustache, sideburns or the goatee. This is a minimally-invasive procedure, and no scars are left behind. In as much as this can be an option, let it be the last and the only option; right after you have exhausted all methods and nothing worked.

These are just but a few of the solutions to grow beards if you cannot yet. To get maximum benefits, you can mix up the ideas to have better results. Remember, they can mingle because they are different methods and will give you the desired results with no side effects.


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