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8 Healthier & Stronger Hair Care Tips For Men


Do you know that feeling that your hair sometimes feels extremely dry and lifeless? Your hairstyle looks dull and straw-like. You’ve probably wondered how all those celebrities and TV personalities always have such a beautiful natural and healthy-looking dos hair. You would think you should spend a fortune to make your hair look healthy and natural, but nothing is less true.

In this blog we give eight tips so you ensure that you always have a perfect dos hair.

Hair care tips for men #1. Use a good shampoo!

Men often underestimate the importance of a good shampoo. You probably think it will not run like that, but the worse you take care of your hair (and yourself) the more you will regret it later. Many shampoos that you buy in the supermarket contain many synthetic and artificial substances. These ensure that your hair is not fed properly. We therefore strongly recommend you to use a qualitative and preferably a natural shampoo. A quality and natural shampoo ensure a good diet and that results in a long-term natural shine. In our shop, we carefully made a selection of the best shampoos available for men. But should guys shampoo every day, well this depends on the type of shampoo you are using?

Hair tips for men #2. Do not underestimate the value of a conditioner

We do not like to admit it as men, but here the females really have a point. A conditioner is really important when it comes to the right nutrition for your hair. Unfortunately, this has not yet fully penetrated in men. In the case of a conditioner, also opt for a variant that is as natural as possible. The fewer synthetic substances, the better! The right one not only nourishes your hair, but it also provides the hair follicles and your scalp. This ensures that your hair becomes strong and healthy. Now we know that in the supermarkets and drugstores not many conditioners are available especially for men and therefore you can fortunately just come to us for the most qualitative premium conditioners. We advise you to use the shampoo and conditioner of the same brand. These are often attuned to each other in terms of ingredients and odor and thus stimulate each other’s effect.

Hair care for men tip #3. Do not wash your hair too often!

No matter how great your shampoo and conditioner are, you do not need to wash your hair every day. So skip an extensive washing occasionally. The effect is that your hair builds a natural resistance and cleansing. If you are someone who takes a shower every day, try to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner no more than three times a week (or if you stink in the wind for an hour, of course, but you understand that yourself). If you have sweated a lot after exercising then it is wise to use a shampoo and conditioner.

Hair growth tips for men #4. Mens hair health vitamins

How healthy your hair depends on your lifestyle. Try to eat healthy and varied. In addition to the nutrients from your products, your body and your hair also need building materials. You get these building materials by eating healthy and varied.

Hair growth tips #5. A lot of exercises stimulates your hair growth.

Sports ensures that your body becomes stronger. You would think that this does not matter to your hair, but it is not true. If your body is healthy and in condition, it also affects the health and condition of your hair. So make sure you get enough exercise in a day.

Hair care tips for men #6. Too much sun is harmful.

Do not expose your hair to direct sunlight for too long. This is often the number one cause of dehydration. The sun is in control to extract all moisture in your hair. You will then get dry, dull and straw-like hair. Moreover, too much sun is also not good for your skin and you increase the risk of skin cancer. So a little bit of sun is okay, but also be careful. For example, wear a cap occasionally.

Hair tips for men #7. Occasionally nothing at all

It is very important to let your hair “airing” once in a while. This means that you just do not put a wax, gel or whatever in your hair for a day. Let mother nature do her work and enjoy.

Hair growth tips #8. Use healthy hair products that do well

Of course, the mother of all tips: use the right hair products! Again, the keyword is ‘natural’ again. We started with moquer for a reason. Our mission was and still is to get so many men acquainted with real quality. It is an absolute misconception to think that you can create a David Beckham hairdo with the gel or, rather, 70-cent. At Moquer we have put a lot of time and effort into giving you the style you really want.

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There are many different products that all serve a different purpose to take care of your hair. You can checkout our homepage to find out more tips on hair care, beard growth and various other men grooming advises.


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