I am David Garner, creator of My Beard Guy.

I have always been fascinated by Beards, the art and scienc of it has always been intriguing to me. I have been keeping a beard ever since i could grow one and keeping it long and healthy has been my passion always.

This site also grew out of passion for a well groomed look and the problems i often faced in keeping my facial hair 😉 healthy, well groomed as well as as per the latest trends. Read my blog and you can find the secrets of having a mind blowing beard !! There are also  tips to maintain your beard and enhance your look.

If you are confused with all the supplements available in the market, then there is a review of few good supplements.

For any queries you can always write to me at: david.garner@mybeardguy.com

David Garner, a male grooming professional, has been advising males for better grooming and looks enhancement for last 7 years. His Passions include traveling and chilling out.