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A Beardilizer Review – The Best Beard Growth Products?

Most men have a secret desire to start growing a long thick beard that can make them look masculine and sexy.

There was a survey conducted which reported that the majority of women like men with beards and that’s the main reason why most men desire to have a fuller beard.

Well, for some men it is an easy job while most of the other men fail to grow a fuller beard. That’s why they keep clean shaved and defend their failure equating it to professional requirements or stuff.

Those who understand their problem, regularly search for products and supplements to stimulate beard growth. But it is not an easy job to find the best product.

Therefore, in this Beardilizer review, I am going to find out why the beard growth and care products by Beardilizer are the most in-demand beard growth products in the market.

What is Beardilizer?

Beardilizer is a 100% herbal supplement to grow beard naturally and is consists of many essential vitamins and minerals that stimulate the growth of facial hair to give a fuller and thicker beard that men desire.

A significant section of men grows fuller beard naturally while others end up with thin wisps. This makes them frustrated, and they want to develop it as fast as possible.

In this frustration, they sometimes choose scam products that at last worsen their condition. Being a natural supplement works internally by stimulating the hair follicles on the face to grow beard naturally.

Though this process takes a few weeks the results are amazing and natural.

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The range of products

Beardilizer has a complete range of products for facial hair growth. Check out the product line along with how do these products work.

Beardilizer Pills

These beard growth pills consist of essential vitamins and minerals that help in stimulating the growth of facial hairs.

How Does It Work?

The vitamins and minerals in the supplement are transferred to the facial hair follicles through blood and ultimately stimulate healthy beard growth.

Beardilizer Shampoo

The shampoo is specially designed to provide nourishment to the beard. It helps in providing healthy and bacteria free beard.

How Does It Work?

The shampoo consists of vitamins, minerals and essential oils that prevent your facial skin from irritation and provide volume to the beard.

Beardilizer Spray

The spray is for providing you fuller, thicker and sturdy beard. It is useful for those men who are unable to grow a beard or grow with patches.

How Does It Work?

Most men hesitate to consume pills, and therefore Beardilizer spray is the best option for them. The liquid sprayed get absorbed in the skin to stimulate the growth of facial hair.

Beardilizer Oil

The primary purpose of this beard oil is not actually for providing beard growth; instead, it is used to proper maintenance of the beard. It is available in different fragrances for various occasions.

How Does It Work?

The oil consists of various essential oils and added scents from all around the world. It helps in maintaining your beard healthy, shiny and aromatic without leaving any side effects.

Beardilizer Cream

If you are searching for beard cream, then Beardilizer has it for you. With the same essential and vital ingredients used in spray and pills, this beard growth cream helps you in growing a fuller and thicker beard without any side effects. Being easy to use, the cream also helps in moisturizing your facial hair.

How Does It Work?

The cream is made up of natural oils and has anti-allergic properties that make it a safer option for beard growth. This cream helps in stimulating healthy beard growth.

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Does Beardilizer Actually Work?

Beardilizer is a US-based beard growth product that is present in the market since 2013. In these 5 years of its market run, the product has received thousands of positive reviews from men all around the world.

Men of all age groups and ethnicity have reported that the wide range of products have delivered them amazing results and helped them in growing a thicker and stronger beard.

There was a group of men who used the product according to the strict recommendation and found that they were successful in growing a long, thick and shiny beard in a period.


The Ingredients

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane – This ingredient is known for the maintenance of keratin level in the skin, hairs, and nails. It helps in improving the overall appearance of the beard

L-methionine – It is an amino acid that is essential for the nourishment of facial hair

Biotin – It helps in preserving the mucous membranes, facial hair, nails, and skin

Equisetum arvense (Horsetail Extract) – It is a vital source of silica that helps in strengthening the hairs, nails, and bones

Choline bitartrate – It is an essential ingredient that helps in stimulating the production of protein and amino acids along with enhancing the integrity of metabolism and cell walls.

L-cystine – It consists of amino acids, vitamin B6 and sulfur that helps in the production of beard

Vitamin C –  It helps in the production of collagen which is an essential protein that initiates the formulation of ligament and connective tissues.

Pantothenic acid – It is an essential nutrient for regeneration and formulation of skin

Inositol / Vitamin B12 – It is a vital vitamin B complex that helps in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and liver

Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) / Folate – It helps in processing the oxidation process that leads to the production of natural pigment and melanin of hair and skin.

Beta carotene – Another vital nutrient that helps in maintaining the overall health of skin and hair.

Vitamin B1 / B2 Vitamin / Vitamin B6 – They are essential vitamins for the overall health of skin and hair

Niacin – It helps in stimulating the growth of facial hair and health of the scalp

Copper – It plays an essential role in the contribution of the pigmentation process of skin and hair.


Why Should You Use It?

The manufacturer claims that Beardilizer is a complete set of beard growth products that have many benefits related to the growth of facial hairs.

Here are some important claims made by them:

  • It increases the follicles and stimulates the facial hair growth
  • The shampoo and oil helps to moisturize the facial hair
  • The product along with stimulating the beard growth also helps in keeping it healthy
  • Every product of this brand is the formulation of 100% natural ingredients that are safe


How To Use

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Beardilizer is a complete range of beard growth and maintenance products that are especially for men who are facing difficulty in growing their facial hair, have a patchy beard or fail to develop a fuller and thicker beard.

Here are the details and tips for grow a beard faster through it.

Beardilizer Pills – You require to take a pill daily for a typical treatment plan, 3 pills a day while for an intensive treatment plan, 9 pills a day.

The Cream – The cream also needs to be used regularly several times a day. One need to coat the beard with cream especially in the morning.

The Spray – You need to spray the product every morning on the facial skin and beard.

The Oil – The oil is to use for a beard massage every morning. One can use it several times a day.

The Shampoo – You are recommended to use this beard shampoo when you take your bath, once or twice a day.

Pros & Cons


  • Good quality ingredients
  • Contains biotin that stimulates beard growth
  • Well known company
  • An affordable and worthy price
  • Free shipping on all orders


  • Some ingredients may be slightly in lower dosage
  • Doesn’t contain zinc


Common FAQ’s To Know

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Q – In how much time we can expect results?

A – It depends on the usage and your condition. In standard cases, the proper usage of the product will show the results in 4 weeks. While if you are unable to grow beard completely, then it might take up to 6-8 weeks to show visible results.

Q – Will the results be permanent?

A – Beardilizer is a natural beard growth treatment; therefore the results delivered are prominent and natural. It means that the results will stay for 6-8 months even if you stop the medication.

Q – Will it help the growth of hair in other body parts?

A – No, it is specially designed keeping the facial hair into consideration; therefore if you are expecting the hair growth in other body parts such as head, then you are wrong.

Q – Can I shave my beard while using it?

A – No, the company strictly quotes that shaving is not allowed while you are on treatment. Shaving halts the growth process of facial hairs and shaving creams contacts adversely with these products.

Q – Will it create any irritation or rashes on the skin?

A – No, the ingredients are natural extract and therefore does not create any side effects like irritation, burning sensation or rashes.

Q – Can I follow home remedies for beard growth along with using it?

A – Although the manufacturer does not restrict the users from adding home remedies along with the use of the product, it is better than you should follow those remedies that you are not confident with as it can affect the results by Beardilizer.

For useful tips on beard growth, you can check out our tips pages.

Q – Is it compilable with religious affiliations?

A – The product does not contain any animal products or byproducts; therefore it stands firmly with religious affiliations of some religions like Islam and others.

Q – Are there any other options available for Beardilzier?

A – Of course, you can find lots of beard growth products in the market, but it is also true that not all of them are worthy of buying. C

heck out our comparison page of some of the top-rated beard growth products to make your choice simplified.


Where To Buy Beardilizer?

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Beardilizer is easy to find, and therefore it is available for sale on various online stores. You can also find it in the local market, but it is not safe as many fake products are selling with the similar names in the local market and on online stores with huge discounts to attract customers.

Therefore, it is always a good choice to buy it from the official website as it assures you that you are getting the genuine product. You can find the official website link at the end of this review.


My Final Verdict

I have gone through various beard growth products while researching for my review. But I haven’t found any other product that stands tall against it.

Though there are a couple of brands that have a wide range of beard growth products but either they are highly-priced, or they lack credibility.

It is the only brand that offers beard growth products at affordable rates and has received thousands of positive reviews from an existing user.

Therefore, I would surely say that it is the best option and a value for money product.




If you want to know more about beard growth and to explore more products, you visit homepage.

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