These Hair Loss Tips Prevent Baldness

Delicious, spring is coming again! It gets warmer outside, nature wakes up from his hibernation and it stays light longer. The only thing I do not enjoy in the spring is that I lose a lot more hair in the spring than in other seasons. Do you also suffer from that? Then read on quickly, because I have figured out how it is and what you can do best against hair loss.

How is it that you lose hair in the spring?

To understand how it is that your hair falls out, you must first understand how it grows. There are countless hair follicles on your scalp. One hair grows out of each hair follicle. Because of small blood vessels, these hair follicles are provided with all the necessary nutrients to stay healthy and strong. A hair follicle goes through 3 phases: growth, transition and rest. In the rest phase, the hair falls out, the pouch rests and a new hair comes after a few months.

Why did you have to know this? Well because this explains hair loss in the spring. Normally you lose about 50 to 100 hairs per day because they are in the resting phase. In the spring and autumn, however, more hair follicles go into the resting phase, and you lose more hair.

Causes and solutions of hair loss in the spring


Cause: The more you are in the sun, the less melatonin your body produces. Melatonin acts as an anti-oxidant and stimulates hair growth while it reduces hair loss.

Solution: Now you do not have to dodge the sun in the summer (sin!). More sleep and a regular sleep rhythm also provide more melatonin.


Cause: Stress is the biggest enemy of your hair, regardless of the season, but in spring the effect is even stronger. Because of stress, your immune system shoots in a panic reaction so that it can even attack your own hair follicles.

Solution: Reducing your stress levels is always a good idea. Try yoga. And make sure you sleep well and regularly.

Argan oil on your hair

Dry hair

Cause: In the spring you will notice that your hair is drier than usual. In the spring you also want to pay more attention to your appearance and you will wash your hair more often and use more styling products. All this results in much dryer hair. Your hair follicles do not even get the chance to enter the resting phase, because the hair breaks down halfway.

Solution: Do not wash your hair too much, avoid styling products and heat sources and care for your hair with nourishing products. Good, nourishing care can repair a lot of damage. Argan oil is perfect for your hair because it does not make your hair greasy and because of the high dose of anti-oxidants, your hair will recover itself.


Hair loss is a natural part of the cycle that your hair follicles continue. In the spring (and in autumn) relatively more hairs will end up in the resting phase. Fortunately, there are natural ways to prevent that as much as possible. Reducing stress is a very important one. If you combine this with proper care of your hair with argan oil, you will find that you lose less hair in this wonderful season! Visit My Beard Guy homepage for more tips on hair loss prevention.