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How Often Do I Need To Use Moisturizing Beard Wash And Conditioner?


Every once in a while they come across on social media: the alarming reports that the average male beard contains just as many bacteria as a toilet seat. Although titles like this are misleading and grossly exaggerate reality, there is a core of truth in them. Regularly washing your beard is necessary to keep it fresh and clean.

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In itself, it is no surprise that bacteria occur in every man’s beard. Just go after it: food scraps remain behind during eating, drink scraps during drinking and during the day you touch your beard frequently with (dirty) hands. So it’s not surprising that dirt and bacteria quickly accumulate over time.

Now food scraps are not even the worst, but it becomes less tasty if you do not wash your hands thoroughly after a toilet visit. And guess what: most men do not wash their hands for the recommended 20 seconds in the prescribed manner (including thorough soaping of fingers and nails). Touching your beard after visiting the toilet is not that hygienic.

Also, a beard is more accessible to ‘catch’ bacteria than other body hairs. The rigid structure of the beard hair ensures that dirt, as it were, lingers faster and creates a pleasant climate for bacteria. This ensures that men with beards can pay extra attention to proper care and hygiene.

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Naturally, our commitment to hygiene should not be exaggerated. Bacteria have been part of our existence since time immemorial and in most cases are not harmful. Problems can arise if they accumulate over a more extended period. Only regular washes can, therefore, ensure that your beard maintains good hygiene.

But what exactly is regular washing? After all, one finds a daily wash necessary, while the other thinks weekly washing is sufficient. The truth is in the middle. To wash your hair every other day is enough to find the right balance between convenience and personal hygiene. In practice, this means approximately 2 to 3 times a week.

You wash your beard naturally with beard shampoo or beard soap. By the way, nothing prevents you from washing your beard on other days of the week – but only with lukewarm water while showering. You can also use many different products to keep your beard clean and hygienic. Read more about beard wash and care products on the review page of MBG and choose the best product.

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