If you are reading this article it is very likely that you have a beard. Or at least a light layer of facial hair that for the consolation of some we can still qualify as a beard.

No matter how big you are, one truth remains: you need to keep what you made grow on your face. Especially in winter, the driest months are here and there is a high probability that this climate affects the quality of your beard and mustache.

As the nights get colder and darker , you may feel a slight discomfort in your face. We are talking about how cold your face feels when the temperature drops and you do not have a beard to protect it like an iron armor.

To become the best version of yourself, easily and effortlessly, we simply show you 4 essential products to keep you with a beard in winter:

1. Beard growth cream with Noxidil

If you are one of those who did not have the luck (genetic) to have a beard that keeps you warm in winter, we tell you that you are not the only one and that you are not alone in this phase of growing your beard. Growing your beard takes time and using a growth balm helps you wait for less time and even see new hairs coming out where they did not go before.

The Noxidil-TS is a new product 100% cosmetic which replaces the minoxidil containing vitamins and argan oil to promote growth of new facial hair. According to the users of this product, you will see new hair in 2-3 weeks of use.

2. Facial hair growth cream with essential oil

As the temperature drops, it is crucial to maintain a good hydration of the skin under your beard. To maintain hydration it is necessary to have daily routine to soften the facial hair and avoid the famous itching.

Now you wonder, why not use regular moisturizer? The answer is simple: the oil is easier to absorb by the facial hair and in this way it reaches the dehydrated skin under your beard.

Surely you will be bathing in hot water with this cold weather. The hot water dries the skin and this causes the appearance of dandruff on the skin, using an oil for the beard will prevent it from snowing under your beard.

3. Using beard & mustache growing cream after shampoo

For beginners we have to remind them that the shampoo for beard is different from the regular shampoo for hair. The beard shampoo is designed to remove dirt and oil residue without drying the skin of your face. This allows a better use of other products such as waxes and balsams. In addition, there is nothing wrong with having your beard clean and with good aroma.

4. Best quality comb for Beard

For some this will sound very strange, but if there are combs designed for the beard and then I explain why you should keep one very close to you. They help to absorb and spread the oils and / or balsams deep into your beard. In addition, to fulfill its main purpose of putting in each hair and shaping your beard.

Which is best beard growth cream?

There are various men grooming products that provide beard growth cream, spray and oil. Brands like Beard Growth Spray and Scotch Porter are two most prominent name in beard growth market and people regularly demand these brands. You can read full review on these two products on our website’s homepage.

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