Beards are regarded as the jewelry of men since ancient times. It is the real persona of men and referred to their manhood. There is no doubt that beards are the best part of the men’s personality and there are lots of options for styling your beard. Beard styles have been changing with time but the basic pattern remains almost same. Sometimes beard style is set according to trend while sometimes it is as per the religious belief. Though there are lots of styling options but it is important to choose the option that will suit your facial structure. Here we have listed some of the famous beard styles trending all around the centuries.

Van Dyke

Popularly known as French Beard, Van Dyke was trending in French culture in the 19th and 20th century. It is quite similar to goatee style where the chin hair and mustache are not connected to each other. Looking like two patches, chin hair is kept dense and narrow whereas mustache is kept long, looking like a handle.


Named after an Italian Air Marshal, Italo Balbo, this beard style was trending in the 19th and 20th century. Balbo is an extended version of Van Dyke. Looking quite similar to Van Dyke, Balbo is styled by keeping the mustache less dense and short. While chin hair is extended to jawline. Differing from Van Dyke, in Balbo, the mustache and beard are slightly connected to each other.

Full Beard

This is a most common beard style or we can say keeping a simple beard. This means anything than clean shaven. This style is performed by maintaining uninterrupted or unmodified beard growth. Moustache hair growth is also kept uninterrupted. Nowadays this style is quite popular with men and many times some men just perform light trimming to maintain the beard size.

Chin Curtain

Remember former US President, Abraham Lincoln. This beard style was made popular by him and in that period it was the most demanded beard by men. In this style, the mustache is kept shaved and beard being grown to full length without neck hair.

Chinstrap Beard

This beard style is quite popular among Africans and some countries of South America. In this style, the facial hair is grown alongside jaw interconnecting the sideburns. It is a narrow line of hair resembling like a helmet strap.

Clean Shaven

Listed in beard style but actually doesn’t have any beard. This style is very popular in the corporate world and represents professionalism. It just requires shaving all your facial hair with sideburns been trimmed neatly. This style requires regular shaving; most often you need to shave daily.

Friendly Muttonchops

Introduced and made popular by Ambrose Burnside, the US Commander in American Civil war, this style this name by its look that resembles like a mutton chopper. In this style, the beard is grown dense from sideburns and are connected to the mustache. The chin area is kept completely shaved to give it a chopper look.

Fu Manchu

This style was named after a fictional Chinese criminal character, Fu Manchu. Similar to traditional Chinese style, the mustache is kept thin, long and narrow that is grown downward. The beard is also kept thin, long and narrow grown only on the chin.

Goat Patch

Goat patch is also known as chin strip or chin puff. In this style, the beard is grown on the chin with facial hair being broad and dense looking like a patch on the chin.


Quite similar to goat patch, in the goatee, the facial hair is grown underneath mouth on the chin but not on the cheeks. Differing from goat patch the beard is grown all over the chin and all other facial hair is been shaved.

Goatee and Mustache

Coming into trend since 1990, it is also referred as circular Van Dyke. Beard is kept as in Goatee, the only difference is that the mustache is included.

Handlebar Mustache

In this style, the beard is kept clean shaved with mustache been grown long and pointed. The mustache ends with the little bit rounded and flared out. This style required a support of hair gel or wax to maintain the flare and curve in the mustache.

Horseshoe Mustache

Remember the WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan! Horseshoe mustache is a style where the mustache is grown broad and dense down to the jawline. All the other facial hair is kept clean shaved. It looks similar to inverted U.

Mutton Chops

It is very much similar to Friendly Mutton Chops, the only difference is that the mustache is kept clean shaved. In this style, the beard is grown dense from sideburns except for the chin area.

Pencil Mustache

As the name reflects itself, pencil mustache looks like it is drawn by the pencil. In this beard is kept shaved and mustache is grown thin and narrow just above the upper lip. The area above the pencil mustache is kept shaved to accentuate the remaining hair.


This style is traditionally associated with the Amish community and was very popular in Europe and North America in the 19th century. In this style, the beard is allowed to grow full and long with mustache been shaved.


As the name suggests, to acquire this style an individual will require growing his sideburns long touching the jawline. All other facial hair will be clean shaved.


This style was made popular by 21st President of United State, Chester A. Arthur. This style looks very similar to Friendly mutton chops but the only difference is that the beard hair is grown hanging below the jawline.

Soul Patch

If you are the fan of Van Diesel then you might be very familiar with this style. In this beard style, the hair is grown in a small patch just below the lower lips except on the chin. Mustache and all other facial hair are kept clean shaved.


This style is worn by trimming the whole beard and mustache until it gives just a shade of beard. It is also known as 5’o clock beard as it looks similar to the condition where the light shade is grown after one day of shaving.

Toothbrush Mustache

This style was very famous in the 20th century due to two most famous personalities, comedy king Charlie Chaplin and German dictator Adolf Hitler. This mustache is grown above upper lips in full length extended to sides of the nose.

No matter which style you choose or which style suits your face, the bottom line is that the beard is your manhood persona and you need to take care of it.

A beard is a gift you give your face.