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Get The Beard You Always Wanted With Beard Growth Spray

It is no secret that beards are in the present day! It is not that hard to understand why beards are hot. For whatever beard the man chooses, a goatee or a purebred beard, it is beyond dispute that beards add character to the face of a man. Women are attracted to men with character, so men with beards. It is attractive and it is sexy. A beard puts your manhood in the paint.

What if you are one of the many men who has difficulties growing a healthy beard? You have probably given up your dream to walk around with a beautiful, attractive beard. Some important reasons for this annoying problem are:

“The possibility of growing a beautiful beard is genetic.”

“If you are not able to grow a beard, then nothing can be done about it.”

“Do not you like the color or the texture of your beard? You can not change this in any way.”

Do these statements sound familiar? Probably! A large proportion of modern men are influenced by these statements. It has been claimed for some time that this is impossible. Pay attention! We claim that no statement is correct. There is no reason not to get the beard of your dreams if you know these things:

The real reasons why so many men, including yourself, have problems growing a beard

  • How this problem can be dealt with
  • Which products on the market are capable of growing the desired beard
  • How to use these products optimally to grow a healthy beard

Why do so many men have problems with their Beard growth?

Above you just heard that beard growth is determined by your genes. On the one hand, your genes play a role in determining your beard growth. On the other hand, you must realize that your genes do not have the last word about your dream beard.
Do you have a filthy, odd and irregular beard? This is caused by the uneven growth of your beard hair. It is also possible that your beard stays too long in the dormant phase before it moves to the active growth phase. This makes the growth phase very short and you will not get a healthy beard. Because of this phenomenon, there are men who have no beard hair in certain places on their faces and in other places they do.

Why use Beard Spray?

I myself also had the problem of irregular growth beard growth and a too long sleep phase. Because of this I have no beard growth on my chin and parts of my jaw. Beard growth spray was the perfect solution for me. My beard started to grow in a few weeks to a nice healthy beard without too long a sleep phase. But why should you choose this beard growth spray instead of spraying so many other beard growths?

Beard Thickener Spray is 100% Natural

It is a completely natural beard growth spray. No harmful chemicals are used. Chemical substances are dangerous for your skin and hair follicles. There is a chance that you will break your beard even further instead of stimulating beard growth. The Beard Growth Spray uses 100% natural ingredients to achieve the great results that everyone talks about. No unpleasant side effects. No hazardous chemicals. Pure nature!

Beard growth spray is easy to use

The Beard Growth Spray is very user-friendly! Apply it to clean, dry skin twice a day, wherever your beard growth can use some help. Get rid of your beard growth problems in no time, such as slow beard growth or irregular beard growth. You can also apply the beard growth spray to your whole beard to give it an extra boost. This whole process takes only 5 minutes time per day!

Spray on beard works amazingly!

Let’s face it: it would be nice if every product we buy actually does what it promises to do. That said, our product promises a beautiful, attractive beard and actually makes this promise.

Beard Growth Spray is the real stuff! It is completely natural and on top of that very effective! The natural ingredients have already proven themselves with countless other people. Do not you believe us? Then take a look at the positive product reviews and the testimonials of men just like you. Their words say more than we could ever tell about the product.

How does the Beard Growth Spray work?

The beard growth spray contains a powerful mixture of organic ingredients that corrects the genetic predisposition and hormonal problems that lead to these dirty, irregular beards.

The real reasons why so many men, including yourself, have problems growing a beard
How this problem can be dealt with
Which products on the market are capable of growing the desired beard
How to use these products optimally to grow healthy beard hair

In other words, it does not matter what the underlying reason is your beard growth problems. Our beard growth spray is composed by experts. You only have to apply the beard growth spray to your dry face twice a day. After a few days you will see results! Within a few weeks, a nice, healthy beard will grow on your face. It is very important that you apply the spray twice daily. To achieve optimal results, you can also massage your face after applying the spray. In this way the beard growth spray will penetrate better into your skin and produce a faster and better result. It’s a great beard growth spray that helps your dream beard … and maybe even more! This spray lets you rediscover your masculinity. This spray adds character to every man!

When it comes to the end, it is very difficult to grow the ideal beard. But this is far from impossible with our beard growth spray!


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It Is Best To Use Testosterone Cream For Beard Growth

If you are reading this article it is very likely that you have a beard. Or at least a light layer of facial hair that for the consolation of some we can still qualify as a beard.

No matter how big you are, one truth remains: you need to keep what you made grow on your face. Especially in winter, the driest months are here and there is a high probability that this climate affects the quality of your beard and mustache.

As the nights get colder and darker , you may feel a slight discomfort in your face. We are talking about how cold your face feels when the temperature drops and you do not have a beard to protect it like an iron armor.

To become the best version of yourself, easily and effortlessly, we simply show you 4 essential products to keep you with a beard in winter:

1. Beard growth cream with Noxidil

If you are one of those who did not have the luck (genetic) to have a beard that keeps you warm in winter, we tell you that you are not the only one and that you are not alone in this phase of growing your beard. Growing your beard takes time and using a growth balm helps you wait for less time and even see new hairs coming out where they did not go before.

The Noxidil-TS is a new product 100% cosmetic which replaces the minoxidil containing vitamins and argan oil to promote growth of new facial hair. According to the users of this product, you will see new hair in 2-3 weeks of use.

2. Facial hair growth cream with essential oil

As the temperature drops, it is crucial to maintain a good hydration of the skin under your beard. To maintain hydration it is necessary to have daily routine to soften the facial hair and avoid the famous itching.

Now you wonder, why not use regular moisturizer? The answer is simple: the oil is easier to absorb by the facial hair and in this way it reaches the dehydrated skin under your beard.

Surely you will be bathing in hot water with this cold weather. The hot water dries the skin and this causes the appearance of dandruff on the skin, using an oil for the beard will prevent it from snowing under your beard.

3. Using beard & mustache growing cream after shampoo

For beginners we have to remind them that the shampoo for beard is different from the regular shampoo for hair. The beard shampoo is designed to remove dirt and oil residue without drying the skin of your face. This allows a better use of other products such as waxes and balsams. In addition, there is nothing wrong with having your beard clean and with good aroma.

4. Best quality comb for Beard

For some this will sound very strange, but if there are combs designed for the beard and then I explain why you should keep one very close to you. They help to absorb and spread the oils and / or balsams deep into your beard. In addition, to fulfill its main purpose of putting in each hair and shaping your beard.

Which is best beard growth cream?

There are various men grooming products that provide beard growth cream, spray and oil. Brands like Beard Growth Spray and Scotch Porter are two most prominent name in beard growth market and people regularly demand these brands. You can read full review on these two products on our website’s homepage.


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How Facial Hair Growth Oil Works For Stimulating Beard

Let’s face it, a beard is masculine. A beard is hip. And as a proud beard bearer you cherish him. Until it starts to flake and you suffer from ingrown hairs. Want to shave? All your hard work has been for nothing. If you carefully reach your shaver with trembling hands .. STOP! Go to work as a magician and make your own beard oil. The ultimate care for your precious facial hair. The beard has been in a new light since the Movember actions. Men do not shave their facial hair (or mustache) the entire month of November, to give attention and support to the health of the man. At the end of the month, many decide to add another Decembaard to the back.

Ever since I have studied the beard world, I have gained more and more admiration for (men with) beards. A beard can strengthen your identity, is charismatic, and requires the necessary care and attention, but above all a lot of patience. The image I had of a dirty, old man who is too lazy to shave made way for a rough, strong man who takes good care of himself and embraces his nature . Unfortunately it is not easy for everyone to grow a nice, full beard. Some men experience problems. From itching, red bumps and irritation to bald spots and ‘ beard rose ‘.

But even if you do not have problems with your beard, good beard care is just as important. From a reliable source I can say that beard oil works wonders. Using the right base oil and essential oils helps to keep the skin under your beard in balance. This prevents dry skin and ingrown hairs. It makes your beard softer and moreover it smells nice. A longer beard provides tangles and purring hairs, which you can keep in check by using beard oil daily and combing it with a wooden comb. This will allow the hair to lie neatly in one direction. No more bad-beard-days .

Because of the emphasis on health, natural, healthy care for your beard is not crazy. You want the best care for your beard or that of your husband. So make it yourself so that you know what’s inside. It is very fast and easy to make yourself! It will not cost you 5 minutes.

Facial hair growth oil for a fantastic beard

The basis of beard oil is, you guessed it: oil. There are different types of oils that you can use, or make a blend of oils to take advantage of the specific properties of each oil.

Tea tree oil for beard growth

This liquid gold is a non-greasy oil and a perfect moisturizer. Because it does not leave a greasy layer, it is ideal for your beard care. It contains a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. This supports hair growth, prevents split ends, and leaves hair soft and shiny.

Jojoba oil for beard growth

Jojoba is not actually an oil but a liquid wax. In terms of composition it is very similar to our skin-own sebum, which makes it very quickly absorbed into the skin. Jojoba oil provides a balance in its own production of sebum , which helps with both impurities and greasy skin, as well as dry skin. In addition, it protects and strengthens the hair and prevents breakage.

Castor oil for beard growth

A light oil that is often used as a base of massage oil. It is hypo-allergenic , has little odor and is easy to absorb. It contains many vitamins including A and E, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Perfect for dry skin.

Essential oil – avoid smelly mustaches

Here the real work begins. Essential oils are incredibly powerful and each has its own specific scope and characteristic odor. This creates your own personal scent . If you have a few base oils, you can experiment on them.

Does beard growth oil work?

They can be divided into different categories, namely top notes, middle notes and base notes. The note determines how volatile the oil evaporates. Because some oils evaporate faster than others, your mixture smells differently after a few hours than when you’ve just finished. The base note oils are usually somewhat thicker and more viscous. Top notes are the most volatile and evaporate after about 1 to 2 hours. Oils that evaporate after 2 to 4 hours are the middle notes and those who evaporate the base notes the least quickly.

To make a good, pleasant-smelling beard oil, you use one note of each note for each oil and you can use the following ratio as a guideline: 30% top note, 50% middle note, 20% base note. Lavender is one of the mildest essential oils and very popular in use. It has a calming and revitalizing effect. It helps, among other things, dry skin and impurities. Rosemary. Traditionally used for hair and scalp. It stimulates blood circulation and is used to support healthy hair. It can promote hair growth, and makes hair stronger and longer.


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Some Of The Best Products To Help Grow Facial Hair

Having a beard is the trend of 2018. But growing a beard is not just something. There is a lot involved. It is logical to have questions like: Which beard suits me? And which beard products do I need exactly?

Growing a beard goes without saying..but that does not mean that you do not have to do anything about it. There are different types of beard products that you need to successfully grow a beard. We help you choose the right beard trimmer, the beard shears that you need to keep your beard neat. And which beard care you need to grow a real male beard.

You can of course buy these beard products separately. But often you are cheaper when you buy a whole beard care set.

What should you pay attention to when buying best facial hair growth products?

In the base there are several points you have to pay attention to when buying beard products.

First of all: ingredients of beard care. Hairs are very sensitive to chemicals. When a lot of ‘junk’ is put into your beard care products, this does not benefit your beard. So try searching for natural products, such as the Proraso or Lard brand.

It is also very important to buy the right products at the length of the beard you have. For example, a Philips OneBlade or shaver is very good for a stubbly beard. But if you want to grow your beard longer, you should still go for a beard trimmer that can retain more length of your beard. So be sure to read the top 10 beard trimmers before you make a choice.

Not only the right beard trimmer is important for the length of beard, but also the beard products that you need. A good beard balm works great for a long beard. But with a stubbly beard you do not need a beard balm to keep the beard in shape.

In which beard phase are you?

For everyone, the perfect length of a beard is different. One person likes a long beard, but another thinks a stubble is much better.
With every length of beards you need different types of beard products.

Take care of Short Beard with top beard growth products

And once you have the beard you always wanted .. How can you take care of it? There are a few very important beard products around the corner.

Beard oil as one of the best beard growth products

Beard oil is a care product that needs to be in your cupboard to take care of a short beard. The beard oil cares for your skin under your beard. This is necessary to give the beard hairs with difficulty through your skin a chance. In addition, beard oil provides your beard hairs. They remain healthy.

We all know how hard beard hairs can be. Your lover is not always very happy about that. In addition to the nourishing effect, beard oil also ensures that your short beard softens. Nice stuff.

For us, the beard oil topper of 2018 is the Proraso Beard Oil . The beard product is quite cheap, makes your beard nice and soft .. And gives you a real men’s fragrance through the wooden smell. You also need a beard brush to distribute the beard oil under all beard hairs. Are you curious how you can use the best beard oil or which beard oil you have to buy?

Beard shampoo as another best beard growing products

Ah, the beard shampoo. You will probably think: why is not my normal conditioner or shampoo sufficient? Well .. Beard hairs work somewhat differently from your normal head hairs. The beard hairs need oil to get through the day.

Regular hair shampoo pulls the oil out of your beard hair, leaving the hair suddenly without food. In most beard shampoos are natural ingredients, making this the choice of jusite for your beard. And because you start to get beard hair with a short beard, it is important to take good care of your beard hairs.

The Azbane Beard Shampoo came out the best in our test. The beard shampoo is completely full of natural ingredients such as Argan oil and cactus oil. The responsible choice for your beard.

And are you wondering which beard shampoo is even more in our top 5? Then check out the top 5 beard shampoo 2018 here.

Beard balm is the best product for beard growth

You have come to a place where your hairs have become quite long. And this means that your hairs sometimes fly in all directions. How can we groom a beard and style it in one? You guessed it .. By Beard Balm.

Beard balm is really super stuff. Just like beard oil, beard balm provides your skin and your beard hairs. But that is not the only effect of beard balm. This beard product ensures that your hairs stay in the right place throughout the day. Finally you can get your beard in the right direction!

In addition, you also need a beard comb to get your beard in shape when you pop the beard balm into your beard. By wiping your fingers through beard, it works. But a beard comb helps to get your beard completely in the right direction.


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How To Stimulate & Promote Facial Hair Growth

Whatever you see on advertisements, the growth of a beard is not so much determined by age, origin, genes or how often you share the bed with a lovely partner. In a world where everything has to be fast and today it can be soothing to know what the most important factor for growing a beard is: patience .

When does facial hair stop growing

You can not grow a beard today. Of course this is different per person, but there will be no one who has a full beard within a few days. If you are lucky, it takes about 3 to 4 weeks to grow a good beard. Sometimes you need a little more patience, about two to three months.

Because of this difference, some potential beard men do not continue, so they drop out too early and shed their not yet full beard. Everyone who has grown a beard knows, the more you pay attention the longer it lasts! It is as if you are watching until the water starts to boil. So do not try to pay too much attention and let time go its own way.

In this step-by-step plan you will find exactly ‘How to grow facial hair faster’. 30 days to a full beard man! With tips and tricks you come through the difficult period in which your beard is not yet fully grown. You will also find ideas to grow your beard faster; and of course how it remains completely clean!

Fastest way to grow facial hair in 30 days

Day 1: Do not shave

Sounds logical right? You start with not shaving. Relax, watch a movie and let the time do its work. It can help to eat more proteins these days, for example fish, eggs, and nuts. Proteins are the building blocks of hair and nails, and contribute to faster hair growth and the activation of hair follicles.

Day 4: Take care of your beard

After a few days your beard can start to itch. Often the point where the first doubts come, and some people stop their attempt. Probably the hardest part to get through! You do not have a beard yet, but you have a big itch on your face! Relieves the pain with a nourishing beard shampoo and ensures that you also take care of the underlying skin. Just continue! That itching is almost gone and your beard is already looking good.

Day 7: What helps facial hair grow is beard oil

Once you have achieved the first week, your chances of becoming a real beard-goer have risen considerably! You have now had the most difficult period. After 7 days your skin has had the chance to adapt to the beard hairs. In addition, your beard hairs become softer because they are exposed to the outside world. If you are still suffering from itching at this time, it can help to use a good Beard oil that cares for both the beard and the underlying skin, such as Beardbrand Tree Ranger .

Day 8: Scrubs are the best way to grow facial hair

When you shave daily you not only remove those troublesome stubble, you also take the top dead layer off your skin. This makes it easier to grow new skin and promotes hair growth.Because you do not shave anymore, the skin cells can remain lying down and these inhibit the growth of your beard hairs. It is wise to properly scrub the underlying skin. This not only ensures that your beard grows faster but also gives relief to the underlying skin and reduces any itching you may have. Keep scrubbing about 1 to 2 times a week to take care of your skin.

Day 12: Natural ways to grow facial hair with diet

Good and healthy food can also help with a nice full beard. Certain vitamins and minerals can increase the growth rate of your hair. Think of Vitamin A, B, C and E. These can be found for example in apples, mango, orange, spinach and tomatoes.

Day 14: Trim

By this time it probably starts to look like a beard. And with a beard, care! You do not want to look like someone who is too lazy to shave, but as someone who proudly keeps his beard in check! It is wise to keep an eye on the contours of your beard and possibly cut it with a beard scissors.

This ensures that your beard looks beautiful and looks good. Three tips for cutting your beard:

See how the natural hairline is. With most men, the beard starts about 1.5 cm below your cheekbones. Leave the skin above.
Make sure that the hairs under your chin never curl upwards. Hold it straight or curl it back slightly.
Make sure there are no hairs hanging over your upper lip! A true magnet for soup, coffee and cookies. Comb the hair straight down and cut it neatly.

Day 17: Find your favorite beard

You’ve come a long way! Take it easy and take some time for yourself. Try to get inspiration. Do some research about your favorite beard and how you want to grow it yourself. What do you think is the most beautiful beard?

Day 20: Check for stains in your beard

Your hair does not grow everywhere quickly, but it is possible to make the spots or patches in your beard less visible. Earlier we wrote an article with tips for a full beard . Your beard does not automatically sit perfectly, and sometimes it needs some help. For example, use a Mustache wax or beard oil to model your beard.

Day 24: Moisturize your beard

We said it before, the underlying skin needs to be well taken care of. But as we all know, we sometimes lose our attention over time. But believe us, hydrate your beard and the underlying skin is important. It prevents itching, ensures faster growth and gives you a nice full beard.

Day 26: Calmly with that beard shampoo

Washing your beard and face is good! Certainly do! But be careful not to do it often. The founder and owner of BeardBrand says that many men wash their beards too often; or use a hair shampoo for their beard! Note, however, that your hairs are quite different from the hair on your head. Your scalp has a thick skin, while the skin on your face is very thin. With your beard you must therefore be extra careful not to damage your skin. Use a good Beard shampoo that is gentle on the skin.

Day 30: Go to a barbershop

Woeha! Congratulations! You have grown a beard and joined the club of beard men. After this hard work it is time for a gift to yourself. Go to a good Barbershop and have your beard perfectly modeled. An experienced barber knows exactly how he can show off your beard perfectly. He can often give you tips on which model suits you best. If you pay attention, you can simply do it yourself. Now proudly walking around with your beard!

Best mens facial hair growth products

Most men don’t like to follow these hectic lifestyle and diet changes and therefore they prefer a shortcut or an easy way to get stimulate the beard growth. Beard Growth Spray is a product that helps in stimulating the beard growth without any effort. All you have to do is to spray the liquid on your facial area and rest is done by the product.


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Here Are Tips On How To Make Your Beard Grow Faster & Thicker

The beard. A symbol of masculinity. Throughout history, Barden has always been associated with strength, wisdom, leadership, masculinity, and virility. That wise old man from the movie? Always that a beard. The tribe-oldest? The king? A very bearded man on the throne surrounded by clean-shaven subjects.

A beard is a powerful statement: I am a man

From a psychological point of view: it is a sign of maturity. And from the point of view of the woman: attractiveness and the ability to father children. But before we move on to exactly how you can stimulate your beard growth to grow your beard faster and thicker, we first answer this question:

For those who do not want to read the whole article, the following treatments are effective:

Combination of vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, strength training, sex & enough sleep.

How to grow beard thicker and quickly

The four-week rule for beard growth

You read this article probably because you think you do not have enough facial hair, to grow a nice full and thick beard. But most beards do not emerge, because the owner underestimates the potential of his beard.

In other words, many men never grow a beard because they believe – erroneously – that their beard is “too spotty”. That it does not have enough coverage to connect, and thus give the appearance of a full-fledged beard.

You have to grow your beard for at least four weeks. Only then do most beards begin to grow densely. Only after a reasonable amount of time, you can evaluate the real status of your beard.

Dedicate yourself to growing a beard. Growing a beard requires dedication. Growing a bit of down or a stubble is easy. You only have to wait a few days. Then it only requires basic maintenance maintenance

Do not start too quickly with the trimming and biting of your beard. You probably cut more than you originally wanted. You have to give your beard the time to grow to a reasonable length. This is how you can see the real lines of your beard growth.

After these four weeks you have two choices.

  • You can continue growing a majestic and natural beard.
  • You can touch your beard, trim or cut.

Growing a full beard gives you more respect in the beard community, while the shaving makes you more presentable. The latter is best done by a good beard trimmer and / or a visit to a barber.

Do not forget your beard oil. Start by applying beard oil when you start growing a beard. It ensures that your beard looks healthier, younger and better. Many people underestimate the four-week rule. It is the main reason why most beards never arise. For most of you reading this guide, this applies. You are here to know growing prematurely. You are aware of the tightness of your horse and it is noticeable.

the travel distance of all things can do to stimulate your beard growth. You are here to grow your beard faster. If you miss something, let us know in the comments. If your method is based on scientific research, then we will add it to our list.

How to stimulate beard growth?

To grow a couple faster, you have to understand one thing. All human hair growth accompanied speed. This is 1 to 1.25 cm per month. and I know everyone has that friend who can grow a full beard in just two weeks. This does not mean that his beard grows faster. It only becomes clearly visible more quickly

Three factors give the feel of growing a thicker beard:

Color – Dark hair looks thicker.
Diameter – Some men have thick hair, other thin fine hair.
Density – If you have a lot of hair on a square centimeter, your beard will fill in faster. In this way it seems to grow faster.
It is not possible to grow facial hair faster. But you can make your hairs thicker, and stimulate inactive hair follicles to produce hair. Thicker hair, and more hair follicles, means more beard.

We now first look at the theory behind beard growth.

How fast does a beard grow?

The male hormone testosterone has a huge effect on the growth of body hair. And also on your facial hair. Testosterone stimulates the hair follicles in the face, so that they will produce hair under the influence of DHT. The more testosterone you have, the more likely it is that you can grow a nice full beard.

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a metabolite of testosterone. Both hormones play a role in the formation of hair follicles and the growth of facial hair. (And both hormones regulate even more important things for men, such as the growth of the penis, how much sense you have in sex, the power of your erection, but unfortunately also the growth of nose & ear hair.)

Scientific research shows that T & DHT play independent roles when it comes to the development of male facial hair. In other words: Testosterone activates your hair follicles and prepares them for the growth of beard hairs. Under the influence of DHT these hair follicles now grow hair, in a linear relationship. So by increasing your testosterone and your dihydrotestosterone levels, you can stimulate your beard growth.

How to grow a beard thicker?

1) Increase your Testosterone for natural beard growth

By increasing your testosterone you stimulate your body to activate the hair follicles that already have in your cheeks. That is why it is important to boost your testosterone level to stimulate beard growth.

And not only for that, a high testosterone level has a considerable number of (health) benefits for men.

We have a whole list of testosterone enhancing supplements , which you can view here. In short, it comes down to:

a) enough sleep ( source )
b) strength training
c) a lot of sex
d) vitamin D , zinc, magnesium, calcium . Or perhaps a beard growth supplement.

2) Increase your Dihydrotestosterone (DHT)

When you have activated your bags under the influence of T, you have to make sure that your hair follicles actually produce large healthy hairs. This happens under the influence of dihydrotestosterone. Therefore read the article “How can you naturally increase your dihydrotestosterone level? “.

Certain medications are known to have a beard growth inhibitory effect. These include finasteride and dutasteride. These drugs are used against BPH (Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy, a benignly enlarged prostate) as well as against hair loss and baldness (androgenetic alopecia).

3) Minoxidil

If you suffer from hair loss, you may already know this hair growth agent. Minoxidil, also known as Regaine or Rogaine, is very effective when it comes to growing hair on your body, where there are hair follicles.

Minoxidil started as an oral medication for high blood pressure. Patients started reporting hair growth about themselves. From this, tropical minoxidil must be further developed. Minoxidil has been approved by the American FTA for treating hair loss. You do not need a prescription to buy this product in the Netherlands. If you want to use minoxidil to stimulate (beard) hair growth, apply it to your face once or twice a day. Leave it at least 4 hours, and then it was gone again..

4) Testosterone replacement therapy (or anabolic steroids)

Whether it is wise to use testosterone replacement therapy, if you only want more beard growth, is a second. Over time the natural production of testosterone stops, and you have to restart it with certain means such as clomid or nolvadex. This is also called after.

What is true is that by administering exogenous testosterone, you get (a lot) more testosterone, and so also more DHT, in your blood. This will naturally lead to more beard growth.

If you have a chronic low testosterone level, this has quite a number of adverse effects on your health. Then testosterone replacement therapy might be something that could benefit you.

5) Facial hair transplantation for uneven beard growth

Since 2007, six times as many beard transplants have been performed as before. And judging by how popular beards have become the last a year, this is not really a surprise. The hair is transplanted from the back or the side of your skull. It depends a bit on what appears to be more like your facial xbeharin. But keep in mind that your donor area is not infinite. Keep this in mind if you ever plan to do her transplant, to remedy any features of classic male pattern baldness.

A beard transplant is reasonably expensive and takes between 2 and 5 hours. Rarely do patients need a second procedure. After two weeks the transplanted hairs fall out. This is normal. Three months later, your fallen “beard” hairs grow again. If you can afford this, this option is certainly available. A transplant can be the only solution if you do not have facial hair at all. Then make an appointment with a specialist. But if your beard is spotty and not yet fully grown, there are a number of products on the market that you can try first.

6) Best beard growth formula – oil and spray

You can buy a good number of products online, claiming that they can grow your bar faster. But their effectiveness and effect is often debatable. Some even have fake reviews and reviews to boost sales. We do not want to shave all these products together, and say that they are all worthless. Some may work – but do not expect outrageous results. Check out our review on Beard Growth Spray.


When you are considering growing a thick and full beard, first think about how old you are. If you are still a teenager, and your beard growth is still spotty, expect a lot of thickening in the next few years. No reason to worry yet. If you are in your twenties, remember that your beard will continue to develop. Although slightly slower. Make sure your beard and the right environment and good conditions to grow.

Live healthy, do strength training, get enough rest and sleep, manage your stress and take your vitamins. The only scientifically proven way to stimulate your beard growth is minoxidil . It works guaranteed, but the effectiveness differs per person. If you are in your 30 years and you still have little or no facial hair, then it probably is not in your genes. Nothing will work-except maybe a huge good response from minoxidil or a face herring transplant.


beard growth spray


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